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Gym and Fitness Center Lighting

Need a Free Gymnasium / Fitness Center Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Gymnasium / Fitness Center Lighting Plan?

Gym and Fitness Center Lighting


With our wide range of gym lighting in stock, we can help upgrade your gym or fitness center over to LED. We can mount your new  lights on the ceiling and light up the gym floor below. Traditional gyms were usually metal halide or fluorescent lighting in linear panels. Today, a better choice is LED as they have many benefits over traditional light sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customer base for questions they wished they had answered before they made a gym lighting purchase. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a dedicated lighting expert.

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What Are Gym Lights?

There are 2 types of gymnasiums. The first type is in a school where sports are played. The second is a fitness center, boxing club or weight-lifting gym.

The school gym needs robust impact resistance lights able to take a direct hit from a ball and still work. The fitness center gym needs a bright, customer friendly lighting that is inviting and can attract clientele.

For school gyms, a good recommendation is UFO LED lights. They are round, robust, powerful and impact resistant and a great replacement for metal halide lighting. For fitness centers, more options are available, from the same UFO High Bays, to linear high bays, and for lower ceiling facilities, low bays or grid panel lights.

Why Is Good Lighting So Important at a Gym?

In sports gymnasiums, no one wants to play under sub-par lighting. It's not good for the athletes or spectators. Having the right amount of lighting and right balance of light makes for a great playing and viewing experience.

In fitness centers, presenting an inviting environment is just good for business. No one likes or wants to work out in a dark, dungeon atmosphere.

How Much Can I Expect to Save When I Switch to LED?

There are considerable savings. By themselves, LEDs can provide a 50%-75% savings. If you add motion sensors to the lights and have the lights dim to 10% when the gym is empty, then savings can reach as high as 90%.

Gym Before Converting To Led


Gym After Converting To Led


What Voltage Are the 400 Watt High Bay Lights in the Gym?

Typically, they are under 277 Volts. This is good because our standard LED drivers can accept any voltage from 100 to 277. If you need more, we also offer a high voltage driver that operates either 277-480V or 347-480V.

Can You Redesign an Existing Gym Lighting Layout?

Yes, we can redesign your gym’s lighting layout. We can also use your existing lighting locations. We have created numerous gymnasium lighting plans doing both.

Should You Have the Same Amount of Light in the Gym Stands as on the Floor?

No, the gym floor should be brighter than the stands. There is no need to have high foot candles in the spectator sections if the seating is fixed.


How Much Lighting Do You Need for a Gym?

That all depends on the purpose and use of the gym. We have created lighting plans with as little as 30 foot candles and as much as 120 foot candles (college gyms where sports is televised).

How Many Lumens Do You Need for a Gymnasium?

Lumens is the wrong approach to lighting design. Always start with foot candles (amount of light you want), and let the light plan determine the light.

What Color Temperature Is Best to Use for Gym Lighting?

Most of our customers ask for 5000K and 4000K color temperatures. 5000K is the most commonly used option.

Can You Retrofit Old Gym Lights?

Yes, you can. This makes sense when expensive uplighting off a reflective roof is being utilized. Rather than replacing the entire light, we can provide the LED kits to replace the bulb and ballast.

What Is the Best Gym Lighting?

The best light is the one that meets your needs. And beyond foot candles and balance, make sure you think about impact resistance (we can offer IK10 impact resistant lights) and motion sensors to dim the gym when it's not being used.

Always start with creating a lighting plan to find the right light for your specific needs.

Why Did You Recommend a Lot of Lower Brightness Light Fixtures When We Can Use a Fewer Number of Brighter Lights Instead?

This is a function of light balance, which is as important as brightness. No one wants to play in shadows, and fewer more powerful lights are more likely to create brighter areas under the light and shadows in between lights.

What Mounting Options Should Be Used for Gym Lights?

Eye-hooks, pendant mount and chain/wire mount for our linear fixtures.

Indoor Gym2

Can the Lights Withstand Being Hit by a Basketball?

Yes. Make sure the lights you opt for are impact resistant. Check the specs for IK impact rating, IK10 is best. We recommend IK8 plus for gym applications.

IK08 LED Canopy


What Kind of Lights Are Used in Gym Hallways?

These can either be interior panel lights (fit into grid ceilings) or linear strip fixtures.

Do You Offer High Voltage Lighting Options for Gymnasiums?

We do, all the way to 480V.

Do Gym Lights Come with a Dimmer?

Gym lights can be dimmed, but not in the same way you are used to dimming your home lights. These are 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable, and require a 0-10V/1-10V dimmer and low voltage wiring over and above the power going to the lights. Your electrician will be familiar with how to wire for a dimmer.


How Can I Reduce the Glare from My New Lighting?

We recommend using a frosted lens instead of a clear lens as this can help reduce glare considerably.

How Do You Hang Lights in a Gymnasium?

There is no difference between our lights and the lights you are replacing. We offer the same mounts, and there are only 3 wires per fixture to connect to the power source.

If a Lens Breaks, Can You Replace Just the Lens or Do You Need to Replace the Entire Fixture?

The lenses on our UFO fixtures are replaceable. They easily snap into the existing fixture.

Fitness Center


How Many Gymnasium Lights Do I Need?
If your current light level meets your requirements, than replacing your exiting fixture one for one with the comparable LED lighting fixture will provide an equivalent light level. The best way to determine how many gym lights you need is to get a gymnasium lighting plan.

A gymnasium lighting plan uses specialized lighting software to model your gym area and space. It takes into account the dimensions of the room / rooms, fixture location (or new locations), and your required foot candle target.

The software creates your lighting plan, showing you fixture location in your space, foot candle readings on the floor, and a calculation of how well the light is distributed.

We can create your custom gymnasium lighting plan for Free. We do this as a free service for our commercial and industrial customers. This takes the risk out of your LED purchase.

School Gym Lighting Plan
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