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What Are Cobra Lights?

Most commonly used for street lighting, cobra lights are an outdoor style of light fixture designed to be mounted to and poled and marked by their distinctive long neck “cobra” design. Our cobra lights help to cut operating costs while simultaneously making the roadways safer by reducing the chance of accidents and improving visibility. With distribution patterns from Type 1- Type 5, we have a cobra light fixture for whatever application you need.

What Are the Best Cobra Lights?

 Although they are available with many different types of bulbs, as with any light, if you’re looking for the best cobra lights, you’ll want LEDs. LEDs are exponentially more energy efficient than metal halide lights (the most popular choice for street lighting) and their long-lasting shine helps to save money on maintenance costs.  Our cobra lights even offer toolless access, making it much easier to change the bulb when they do finally need it.

Where Are LED Cobra Lights Used?

As we mentioned, cobra lights are most popular as street lighting fixtures. This means that you’ll frequently find them lining streets, highways, and other roadways. But that’s not the only application for these lights. Cobra lights are also often use as parking lot, loading dock, and perimeter lights.

How Many LED Cobra Lights Do I Need?

Because Cobra LED lights are available with different lumens, CRI, and distribution patterns, there is not one light that fits every environment. If you want to know exactly which lights and how many you’ll need, you can request a lighting plan (below). This tool allows you to map out the light distribution patterns and see how your new fixtures will look once installed.

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