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LED Lighting Supply / Lighting Design for Aircraft Hangars

Get Your Free Lighting Design Plan for Aircraft Hangars

What Is Aircraft Hangar Lighting Design?

Aircraft hangar lighting design uses sophisticated lighting design software to model aircraft hangars. It calculates the number of fixtures you’ll need. It will show you where these fixtures should be installed. And it will provide light levels on the floor or a work plane, and light balance.

Light balance is just as important as light levels. Creating a lighting solution that is not only bright but balanced is the difference between noticing how good the light is and how bad it is.

We offer lighting designs for free for our commercial lighting and industrial lighting clients, electricians, electrical contractors and escos.

What are aircraft hangar lighting standards?

General Work / Storage 30 fc
Aircraft Maintenance with some detailed tasks 30-50 fc
Aircraft Maintenance with fine detailed tasks 70-100 fc
Drilling, Riveting, Screw Fastening 75 fc
Final Assembly 100 fc
Inspection 50-200 fc
Welding 50 fc