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Car Wash Lights

We can help you replace the lighting in your car wash - whether you have automated car wash tunnels or wash bays, we have the Car Wash Lights that can withstand this tough demanding environment. We have water proof interior lighting as well as outdoor lighting like wall packs and area lights to light up your space at night.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In conversations with our customers, we asked them what questions they wished they had asked before purchasing car wash lights. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, contact us on (888) 423-3191 and we'll be happy to assist you.

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What Is the Best Lighting for a Car Wash?

There are several lighting fixtures that would work well within your car wash. However, no two car washes are the same. What works well in one facility may not work well for yours. We’d be happy to create a free lighting plan for you to assess your exact needs.

Is It Better to Retrofit Existing Lights or Use New Fixtures?

Wet environments are particularly hard on fixtures. So, unless there is a specific need to use a new fixture, or the fixture is in good condition, then retrofitting is an option. However, new fixtures are preferable in this case.

What Is the Difference Between IP65 and IP66 Rated Lighting?

The IP system is a way of determining how well lights are protected from dust (the first digit) and water (the second digit). The higher the digit, the better the protection. So, IP66 is better than IP65, and IP68 is better than IP66. IP65 is adequate for car wash requirements.

LED Car Wash Lighting


What Is the Ideal Lighting Level for a Car Wash?

There are two types of car washes - self serve washes where customers wash the cars themselves, and fully automatic washes. Self serve washes should be brighter than fully automatic washes, but the fully automatic ones should be bright enough for maintenance work and cleaning. For self serve car washes, 20 to 30 foot candles is a good target.

Do You Have Options That Qualify for Title 24 Lighting?

We do. Identify this requirement when speaking with us and we will make sure they qualify. This is a California specific requirement.

Do You Offer Lighting That Can Be Used in the Car Wash Tunnel?

Yes we do, many times wash tunnels are equipped with linear vapor proof fixtures.

Will the Soap from the Car Wash Negatively Affect the Lights?

It shouldn’t, unless the soap does not wash off completely and leaves a film. The film could reduce lumen output over time.

What Lighting Is Better for My Car Wash - Vapor Proof or IP65 Rated?

Vapor proof lights are designed to keep the insides of the fixture dry and dust free and keep corrosive non explosive gases from entering the fixture and shortening the operational life. IP65 fixtures are not vapor proof, but they are designed to keep dust and water from entering inside the fixture. Also, most vapor proof fixtures are also IP65 or higher rated.

Do You Have Fixtures with Motion Sensors So That They Dim Down 50% If Not in Use at Night?

We have several fixtures that can be dimmed with motion sensors.

Hand car wash facility. Entrance view.

What Are the Best Canopy Lights for a Car Wash?

The best canopy lights for car washes are either IP6x rated or vapor proof fixtures. They should have a wide beam spread as the mounting height inside a car wash is typically less than 20 feet.

What Are the Best Bay Lights for a Car Wash?

The best high bay lights for car washes are IP65 plus rated and provide a broad beam pattern since mounting heights are below 20 feet. We might recommend low bay lighting instead of high bay lighting. Tell us your requirements and we will recommend the best option.

Vapor Proof Fixture

IP66 Vapor Proof Fixture

Canopy Low bay

LED Low Bay - IP65

LED Round Canopy - IP65

LED Round Canopy - IP65


Are your light fixtures waterproof?

Yes, many of them are. Look for the IP rating icons, they appear for all our fixtures that are waterproof.

Can These Lights Withstand Being Sprayed by Our Pressure Washers?

They can, but you should probably consider IP66 or higher if that's what you intend to do.







Do You Offer Color Changing Lights?

Only on a few products, and only between 3000K and 5000K.

Corrosion Is a Big Concern. Will Your Fixtures Be Able to Hold Up?

They should. We even have marine grade fixtures that can withstand the rigors of salt water environments. Our fixtures are high quality, and have been installed in many car washes without any issues.

If We Have a Failure Because Water Got In, Will You Honor the Warranty?

Yes, because water should not have entered the fixture if it was installed and used properly.


How Do You Seal an Existing Fixture After Retrofitting?

If the fixture is still good, you should be able to use the existing seal. If the seal is broken, you should consider replacing the fixture.

We Do Car Wash Lighting Plans for Free

We're your partners in LED Conversion, so getting the lighting right and balanced is important to both of us. That is why we will provide you with a free Car Wash Lighting Plan - before you purchase - so we can work out the issues before you purchase

Car Wash Lighting Plan
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