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Exam Prep for Electrical Contractors

Are you an electrical contractor and looking to get classroom training? Get your certification? Upgrade your qualifications?

LED Lighting Supply has partnered with the leading electrical contractor training company that provides online, dvd and in-person training to match your needs and preferences.

Do you have to prepare for an upcoming exam? Courses available include:

Journeyman Exam Preparation

Master/Contractor Exam Preparation

Electrical Inspector Exam Preparation

Florida Contractor’s Exam

Preparing properly for these course may make the difference between passing and failing. These courses are designed to help you pass the first time.

Electrical Contractor / Electrician Continuing Education

Are you looking to upgrade your skill set and certifications? These courses are easy to understand and learn and allow you to work at your own pace.

These courses are available all the time, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. These courses have already been approved in 32 states. And custom learning packages for multi-state license holders are available – just ask!

Books and DVDs

What have we missed? Also available for you is a large assortment of books, DVDs that can be sent to you so you can expand your education and skill level. Topics available include:

Code and Safety

Electrical Calculations

Exam Preparation

Electricity Fundamentals

Solar Training

Interested? Follow this link to Mike Holt Enterprises, one of the nations leaders in Electrical Contractor Learning Solutions.

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