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LED High Bay and Low Bay Retrofit Bulbs

 High-bay and low-bay lights are generally mounted on ceilings or ceiling girders by pendants or chains. These fixtures are the best light source for an expansive open space that has a ceiling height of over 10 feet. They are commonly used in:




Loading Docks






Swimming Pools






Retail Stores

The height of the ceilings determines the kind of bay lights to install. If, for instance, the ceiling height is over 20 feet, high-bay lights are best. For spaces that have ceilings over 12-20 feet high, low-bay lights are best.

Lenses in these fixtures focus light to specific areas. When you install LED low-bay or high-bay retrofits, you will notice how the light is intense. Lenses help spread light in a uniform pattern.

For years, most bay applications used HID lamps. But, as LED technology evolved, LED high-bay and low-bay lights became adopted.

Bay lights are perfect for boosting user safety through enhanced visibility. Unlike older HIDs, LED bay lights have long lifespans. Their working mechanism is not affected if they are turned on and off frequently – like HID lamps. They provide light for longer, lowering your lamp replacement and lighting maintenance costs.


High Bay and Low Bay LED Retrofit Lamps

Looking to upgrade your gym, warehouse lighting or retail space without replacing your HID, MH or HPS fixtures?

Then consider doing a retrofit with a LED Lighting Supply high bay and low bay LED retrofit. Retrofitting allows you to keep your existing fixtures. But you also benefit from all that LED has to offer.



Benefits of Retrofitting Your Bay Fixtures

LED Bay Fixture Conversion

Warehouse High Bay LED Retrofit. Look at the difference in color, clarity and how much brighter the lighting is.

If you have older HID bay lights in your facility and want to upgrade to LEDs, you'll face a dilemma. Either you'll buy new or retrofit your current fixtures. LED bay retrofits have many benefits. One big advantage over new fixtures: they're affordable.

These lights have the same advantages as new LED light fixtures and help you to save on installation. They help lower your facility's environmental footprint. Not only saving energy but reducing dumped older fixtures.

By retrofitting older fixtures with new LED technology, your facility will see a reduction in energy usage of up to 75%. There's also be better productivity, because good light is essential for work efficiency. Light controls integrate into your lighting system, saving of up to 90%.


LED Bay Fixture Retrofits - Things to Consider Before You Buy


1. Ballast Compatible or Ballast Replacement

You have a choice, replace the ballast or use the ballast. We're talking about HID Ballasts. Ballast compatible bulbs work with the ballast. Once you know the current ballast is compatible with the LED Driver. If it is, then you can screw out the existing bulb and replace it with the LED High-bay Replacement Bulb. We call these commercial Plug and Play LED Bulb Replacement lamps.

You will, in the future, need to deal with the ballast if it fails, and these types of bulbs do need a ballast to work. It does not matter what voltage is being passed into the fixture, the existing ballast will accept it. Some bulbs need an open fixture, so if your fixture is sealed, you may want to consider another option.

A ballast replacement bulb requires you to take out the bulb and ballast from the light fixtures. Either replace the ballast with an external LED driver or screw the bulb into the socket, assuming an internally driven bulb. In either case, you are now sending direct ac power to either the LED driver or socket.

There is no need to worry about future ballast failures because it has been removed from the fixture. Make sure the voltage fed to the fixture is compatible with the internal or external driver associated with the LED bulb system. These systems also don't care whether it is Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or other HID lamps.

**Please note: these retrofits should not be confused with LED post-top retrofits, or LED corn-style retrofits. LED Post-tops are not a good design option for high-bay applications.

2. Using a Standard Indoor Retrofit Bulb

Another alternative is using a standard industrial Retrofit designed to replace HID Bulbs. This technology is in the upper ends of LED efficiency. It requires the bulb, ballast and socket removal from the fixture. Then replace with a mounting bracket designed for High-Bays. The driver installs where the ballast was, and the head installs in the fixture to the mounting bracket. Installing these commercial high-bay retrofits are simple and easy to do.

Our efficient LED Bay Fixture retrofit bulbs have a warranty for 5-10 years and are DLC Qualified. This will save you at least 70% in energy savings.

3. Replacing the Lighting Fixture With a New LED Bay Fixture

The third solution is to replace the entire fixture with a new commercial LED Bay fixture. These types of replacements are easy to do with our products. Unplug the fixture and replace it with a LED bay light and plug it in. These high quality fixtures (UFO style are available) are ultra durable, built to last a very long time, and offer great energy savings.

You will find these lighting fixtures in indoor areas, such as a warehouse. However, for outdoor applications, make sure you look for high-bay products or high-bay retrofits that are at least IP65 rated.

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