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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions about UFO LED High Bay Lights. So we’ve created the list below from first-time buyers and repeat customers. Check out our most asked questions below or call us at (888) 423-3191 to find the right UFO LED High Bay for you.


What Are UFO High Bay Lights?

UFOs are round high bay lights that gets its name from its shape. It resembles a UFO spacecraft. The design emerged about 10 years ago and has been one of the mainstay offerings in high bays ever since. A UFO LED High Bay Light is round, robust, and impact resistant. It makes them a perfect replacement for giant metal halides and fluorescent lights high bays.

What Benefits Should I Expect if I Convert to a UFO High Bay Light?

Quality Products: Commercial Grade and Industrial Grade UFO LED High Bay Light are designed for the toughest environments and built to the highest standards.
Rugged: They’re extremely durable, high impact and waterproof LED high bay light fixtures ideal for many applications.
Energy Efficiency: A UFO LED High Bay Light will consume 50% to 70% less energy than similar output Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Fixtures.
Low Maintenance Costs: They provide years of bright, high-quality, maintenance-free lighting without bulb and ballast changes.
Less Heat: They produce significantly less heat than HID bulbs, reducing HVAC loads
Works with Controls: They work well with motion sensors, so you can dim/turn off the lights when the area is void of movement
Dimming: These lights can dim, and that adds to the energy savings.
High-Quality Light Output: These lights come with at least a 70 Color Rendering Index ( high CRI ) rating, which is a measurement of light quality.
No flickering lights: Unlike fluorescent tubes, you will never see an LED Light flicker.
High Ceilings: No problem! UFOs have the power and optics to get the light you need where you need it. UFO low bay lights are also available.

How do I know what LED UFO Round Lights are best suited for my application?

Here’s the good news. We have been selling LED Lights for 10+ years, and have sold thousands of UFO High Bay Lights serving various needs and suitable multiple applications, like warehouse facilities.

Tell us your needs, your wants, and your ideal lighting targets, and not only will we suggest the best lights, but we will also back it up by providing a free lighting design plan with our lights in your application.

How Many UFO Lights Do I Need?

That depends on the building size and your lighting requirements. Are you adding new LED High Bay lights or replacing existing lights 1 for 1? At LED Lighting Supply, we provide free lighting plans. We will model your indoor area inside our lighting software. We can add different models of high bay light to meet your requirements and provide bright illumination in your warehouse or application.

Fabrication Shop Converting Over to LED


How Do I Select Which UFO LED High Bay Lights to Use?

Start with determining the number of foot candles you need. Then, have us create a lighting plan for your space. You can find the right combination of fixture and lumen output. This will allow you to create the right amount of balanced, bright light in your space. Other information we will need to know:

Standard voltage (100-277V) or high voltage (277-480V)?
What type of mount do you need: hook, pendant, or ceiling mount?
Do you need a motion sensor?
Do you need them to dim?
Wiring: Hard-wired or plugged cord?
Color Temperature: 4000K Color Temperature or 5000K Color Temperature are best
Fixture Color: White or Black

How Many (LED) Lumens Do I Need to Replace Metal Halide and HID Fixtures?

10,000 – 12,000 LED lumens replace 250-watt fixtures
15,000 – 24,000 LED lumens replace 400-watt fixtures
39,000 – 60,000 LED lumens replace 1000-watt fixtures

The lumens required will depend on the mounting height and light level required.

What Is the Life Expectancy for your LED UFO High Bay Fixtures?

Under normal operating conditions, you should expect many years of maintenance-free lighting from our high bay light fixtures. If you operate high bay light fixtures 4380 hours per year (12 hours a day X 365 days a year), you could expect 10-15 years of run life.

Are your UFO High Bay Fixtures Impact Rated / Rugged?

All our UFO LED High Bay Light Units are IK08 to IK10 impact rated (on a scale of IK01 to IK10). They are very tough commercial/industrial-grade fixtures that you can rely on in your commercial or industrial space.

Can UFO LED High Bay Fixtures be used in wet locations or damp locations?

Yes, all our UFO High Bay Light Fixtures are IP65 rated (or higher). This means they are great for wet locations. You can even install them outdoors.

Are there certifications/safety standards that UFO high bay LED lighting needs to comply with?

All the UFO High Bay LED lights on this page are either UL Listed or ETL Listed for safety. This testing ensures the light is safe to install and use in your location.

Secondly, most of the lights on this page are Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Listed, DLC Premium Listed, or eligible for utility rebates. That means they have been tested by the DLC Organization and meet the standards for an energy-efficient LED Light.

Can I Buy these fixtures in White or Black?

Yes, we offer both color options for our UFO Lights.

Do you sell Dimmable LED High Bay Lighting?

Yes, many of the LED High Bay Light Fixtures on this page have 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable LED drivers. Note: 1-10V Drivers do not dim to completely off.

Some of our dimmable UFO Lights do not have exposed dimming wires. They are only meant to work with motion sensors.

Can I Buy a UFO LED High Bay Light with a Motion Sensors?

Yes, some are already built into the LED High Bay Light. Others can be added at any time as an optional upgrade.

What Types of Mounting Options do you sell with your UFO LED High Bay Lights?

You can buy eye hook mounts, pendant mounts, or surface mounts. Make sure we know the type you need. We can make fixture suggestions.

400w Mh To (25) Mllg Led Hbc 150 4 120

How Many Amps Does your UFO LED High Bays Draw?

LED UFO high bay lights use fewer amps than HID (Metal Halide) fixtures. The formula to calculate amp draw is:

Watts / Volts Draw = Amp Draw.

Here are some examples with 300-Watt lights:

300 Watts / 120V = 2.5 amps
300 Watts / 277V = 1.08 amps
300 Watts / 480V = 0.625 amps

Comparatively speaking, the 1000-Watt HID fixture is designed to replace (including 15% ballast draw):

1150 Watts / 120V = 9.58 amps
1150 Watts / 277V = 4.15 amps
1150 Watts / 480V = 2.39 amps

This is why it is more efficient to run lights at a higher voltage. You can install more lights on one circuit.

Do You Sell Reflectors for these Lights?

Yes, but you won’t need them. Reflectors work great for non-directional light sources, like Metal-Halide. The lumens they produce need to be “collected” and then reflected back down to the floor. LED Lights are already directional, so reflectors are not needed. We do offer several reflector options if you need one.

How Can I Calculate Light Coverage at X feet Height?

The UFO lights we offer have interchangeable optics. Like 60, 90, and 120 (Standard) degree beam angles. Each will produce a different result. Coverage is also affected by how close the fixtures are together.

Are there any rebates or incentives available for purchasing UFO High Bay LED Lighting?

There are. However, rebate availability and amounts are determined by local utilities. So it’s up to them to decide what rebates they are willing to provide, what the rates of rebates are, and when the rebates can be applied for. So while our LED High Bay Lights are DLC Listed and/or Rebate eligible, there’s no guarantee you will get a rebate.

However, without rebates, many of our lights pay for themselves in 6 months to 2 years, depending on electricity rates and usage. So, you might not need a rebate as the ROI is very positive and short.

Do Your Lights have Power Cords? How Long are They?

Standard whip sizes vary from fixture to fixture, ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet. All the power cords are bare-ended and do not include a plug. A plug can be added if that’s what you need.


How easy is it to Install your UFO LED High Bays?

It’s an easy install process. We provide all the instructions you will need. Any qualified electrician should be able to install and wire UFO High Bays.

There are two main mounting options – eye hook mount and pendant mount. Eye hooks clip in. So if you are replacing an existing HID Fixture with an eye hook, this is a very simple installation. Same with the pendant mount, they will screw right into the existing conduit pipe.

How do I Wire a UFO LED High Bay?

Wiring UFO High Bays is simple. Our wire whips contain three wires – line, neutral, and ground. This is a very easy connection for a qualified electrician to make an easy installation with these fixtures.