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LED Pole Barn Lights

Pole Barns are large outdoor structures that are used as storage places, or as active workshops for many farms or commercial businesses. Lighting them properly is important and finding the right amount of light is just as important. Working in a dark pole barn is neither comfortable or safe. By adding a few good high bay or low bay lights to your pole barn lights layout, you can turn your pole barn into a brightly lit work environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked new and existing customers to find out their biggest questions when it comes to buying pole barn lights. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us on (888) 423-3191 and a lighting expert will be able to assist you.

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What Lights Do You Put in a Pole Barn?

Depending on the height of the pole barn, start with low bay UFOs if the height is 16 ft or less, and UFO high bays if the height is above 16 feet.

How Do I Properly Light a New Pole Barn?

Start with a lighting plan. We have done 100’s of lighting plans for our pole barn customers. Let us know the size of the space, mounting height, and how bright you want it and we will send you a lighting plan that specifically outlines your needs.

Outdoor Shop Area


How Many LED Lights Do I Need for a 40x60 Pole Barn?

We included three lighting plans below for 41 fc, 60 fc and 71 fc. We also supplied lighting plans for 40X30 pole barns. Each plan indicates the number of lights and their specific placement. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see examples of different pole barn lighting plans.


How Many Lights to Install in a 30x30x10 Pole Barn?

(4) 100 Watt UFO lights should be all you need. They produce an average of 70 foot candles.

What Type of Ceiling Do You Need For Pole Barn Lights?

The type of ceiling does not matter, we can accommodate flat and pitched ceilings in our lighting plans. The ceiling will not reflect light as all the light is pointing down.

I Have Horses in My Barn. How Much Light Is Good for Them?

Too much light is not good for horses, so designing the horse space separately from the workspace is important. Horses like balanced lighting in horse arenas, so designing a comfortable area for them with the right amount of light would be beneficial.

What Is the Best Color Temperature to Use in a Pole Barn?

We believe that either 4000K or 5000K is a good option for pole barns, especially if the area is used to work in.

Pole Barn Hb2 100 54 Fc Avg


Are Pole Barn Lights Dimmable?

They can be. Many of our LED UFO high and low bays come with a dimmable LED driver.

Do Pole Barn Lights Have a Motion Sensor?

You can add a motion sensor to many of our light fixtures. Let us know if you are thinking about adding motion sensors, and we can make sure you have the right lights selected.

Pole Barn

What Is the Difference Between Linear, UFO and Canopy Fixtures? What Is Best for a Pole Barn?

A UFO style light is a high bay/low bay fixture that is round in shape. If you are familiar with metal halide indoor lighting, this is a great option for you. They are very robust in nature with high impact rating and also waterproof.

A linear fixture is a replacement for fluorescent fixtures, if you like that style. They are not as robust as UFOs, and most are not waterproof. By nature and design, they offer better distribution than UFOs, especially in lower ceiling spaces.

Canopy lights are designed to be ceiling mounted and work in very low ceiling heights. They are good for ceilings that are between 8 and 12 feet tall.

My Roof Leaks. Are the Lights Waterproof?

All our UFO lights are waterproof, with a rating of IP65 or greater. We offer 2 linear panel style fixtures that are waterproof (here and here), but most aren't. And if you are looking for canopy style lights, all of those are also waterproof.


Can I Install These Myself or Do I Need an Electrician?

It’s always advisable to work with a qualified electrician. They are not terribly hard to install, there are only 3 wires to wire into your pole barn lighting circuits. But we always think it's a good idea to work with a qualified electrician when installing our commercial and industrial lights.

How to Install Lights in a Pole Barn?

Lights are either eye hook mounted, pendant mounted, wire suspended or ceiling mounted, depending on the style of light you choose. The instructions we provide are clear and easy to follow.

How to Mount Lights on the Outside of a Pole Barn?

Depending on the style of light you choose, a good choice is our wall mounted security lights or a wall pack that attaches either to a wall or to a junction box. A qualified electrician would have no problem installing these lights.

How to Wire Lights in a Pole Barn?

There are only 3 wires per fixture - line, neutral and ground. The standard driver is 100-277V. If you are running a voltage higher than 277V, let us know, we have options available up to 480V.

How many Pole Barn lights do I need?

The best way to figure out how many lights you need for your pole barn or outdoor stable is to create a lighting plan.

Why are Pole Barn Lighting Plans important?

They provide you a report detailing your barn space, light locations, foot candle readings and how even the light is within your pole barn.

Outdoor Pole Barn Converted To Led Lights

Pre-Built Pole Barn Packages: 40 X 60 X 16 feet

37 foot candles

Great for storage, and non detail oriented work. Light is extremely well balanced in the space, with an Average / Minimum ratio of 1.78.

40x60x16 Pole Barn 37fc

60 foot candles

Great for as a working shop. Bright enough to work on machinery or wood working. Vey bright and light is very balanced across the entire space with an Average / Minimum ratio of 1.71.

40x60x16 Pole Barn 60fc

71 foot candles

Great for as a working shop. Bright enough to work on machinery or wood working. Vey bright and light is extremely well balanced across the entire space with an Average / Minimum ratio of 1.62.

40x60x16 Pole Barn 71fc

Pre-Built Pole Barn Packages: 40 X 30 X 12 feet

43 foot candles

Great for storage of machinery, or as a hobby shop . Light is well balanced across the entire space, with an Average / Minimum ratio of 2.36.

40x30 Workshop 4 Lights

74 foot candles

Very bright working shop - for work on machinery or production wood working / painting / finish. Great balance across the entire space with an Average / Minimum ratio of 1.97.

40x30 Workshop 6 Lights

110 foot candles

Super bright for finishing or fine detail work, or producing videos. Light has great balance across the entire space with an Average / Minimum ratio of 1.82.

40x30 Workshop 9 Lights

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