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Horse Barn Animal Sport Paddock Equestrian Ranch Racing StablePole Barns and Stables are wide open spaces. Some operate as a livestock barn, others to house livestock. Some operate as a place of business. In either case, having the best lighting for pole barns is the difference between a dark or well lit space.

Horse Barn Lighting


1. Improved Stable Experience

Lighting a pole bar with LED enables you to gain cost saving benefits and experience improvement benefits. To get the best experience using LED lights for barns, we will work directly with you to ensure your lighting system meets all of your lighting needs.


2. Turns on and off Instantly

Turning on your lights instantly has many benefits. This applies for both indoor horse barns or work shop pole barns lights. It gives, you, as owner, total control over your barn lighting system. With our LED lights, your lights are on at full brightness when you need it. No more slow startups in cold weather or hearing the hum of fluorescent lighting.


3.  Reduce your lighting bill and cost of Maintenance

LED Lights consume a lot less energy over incandescent, fluorescent and metal halide lighting. Energy savings of 50% or more is easily attainable with LED pole barn lights. And gone are your days of changing out bulbs and ballasts, and then safely returning those lights so they can be safely recycled. LED does not contain mercury, and have life spans so your lights will last a very long time.

Horse Pole Barn Lighting

Are you building a new structure or updating your existing barn or arena? We has the options you need to keep your equine and barn facilities lit and safe. Our selection of indoor barn lighting fixtures will keep your horses and equestrians happy. They also allow you to increase riding time all year round. At LED Lighting Supply, we believe your facilities should be an extension of your business. Well maintained and energy efficient.

Our horse friendly High Bays come in a variety of configurations and designs. We carry IP rated lights that are arguably the best lighting for stables and great in dusty environments. We can create a proper lighting plan that can eliminate dark spots and shadows. This creates a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Browse our selection of High Bay LED barn lights and Vaporproof fixtures. LED Vapor proof fixtures are perfect for lighting horse stalls, aisles, tack equipment rooms and grooming areas. They are fully sealed to lock out moisture, dust and debris.

Outdoor Pole Barn Converted To Led Lights

How many Pole Barn lights do I need?

The best way to figure out how many lights you need for your pole barn or outdoor stable is to create a lighting plan.

Why are Pole Barn Lighting Plans important?

They provide you a report detailing your barn space, light locations, foot candle readings and how even the light is within your pole barn.

30x40 Pole Barn Lighting Example

30x40 Pole Barn Lighting Plan

Pole Barn: 120 ft long by 70 ft wide, 3 rows of 7 fixtures. 

Pole Barn

horse arena light

Indoor Pole Barn Lights

If you have an enclosed indoor horse arena, there are certain considerations you can account for. The light should be as bright as you need. We can help you determine how bright your indoor arena should be. But more importantly, the light needs to be even. Horses do not like uneven light. Going from bright areas to dark areas makes them uncomfortable.

A lighting plan will show you how bright your space is and how even the light is. Both are equally important.

You should consider a color temperature that represents day light. Consider either 4000K or 5000K.

And your lights should be silent. There is nothing worst than hearing the buzz of fluorescent or metal halide ballasts. LED lights are silent.

And gone are the days of flickering fluorescent lights. LED lights do not flicker, because they are driven by DC power.


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