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What to Do When Buying Office Lighting

Take careful consideration when buying office lights. This process is important as it affects the alertness and productivity of workers. Choosing the right lighting for your office space will result in high-quality lighting and money savings. When buying office lights, do the following:

Dark Desk Lights

1. Create a Lighting Plan- Photometric

The first step to take when buying office lighting is drawing up a plan or a photometric. Lighting experts can create a lighting plan that suits your particular space. It shows how many lights you need, where to install them, what sizes are appropriate, and what types you should buy.


Light Photometrics

IES Recommended Lighting Levels for Offices

Office/Area Recommended Foot Candles Recommended Luxes
Administrative: filing, sorting mail, copying, 30 300
Conference and meeting rooms 30 300
Data processing, reading, typing, writing 30 300
Shipping and receiving 30 300
Lunch rooms, cafeterias 10 100
Passageways, corridors, stairs 10 100
Entrance halls, waiting rooms, lobbies 15 150


2. Choose the Right Bulbs

Picking the right bulbs has a significant impact on the office environment. Most offices have used fluorescent lights for years. However, they affect the productivity, mood, and creativity of workers. They also use a lot of energy and contain dangerous chemicals.

The best bulbs for offices are LED office lights. They have the capability of imitating sunlight. Which has a positive impact on human behavioral and biological processes. Workers are happier and more productive when exposed to natural-looking light. The lights are also safe for the environment and very energy-efficient.


3. Think of Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting occurs when fixtures project light upwards towards the ceiling or the walls. It bounces off to illuminate the whole area with even light. Direct light causes headaches and eye strain. Indirect light eliminates glare which affects worker productivity. It also creates a calm and comfortable working environment for employees. You can achieve indirect lighting by mounting LED office lights on walls or the ceiling. The best is LED flat panel lights.


4. Choose the Correct Bulb Size

The right bulb size matters when buying office lights. Large bulbs are more appropriate for a spacious office. If your office is small, consider buying smaller size bulbs. Also, if you are replacing conventional with LED office lights, make sure they are the right size.


5. Focus on Natural-Looking Light for Worker Health and Productivity

Natural light is recommended for office spaces because of its effect on human mood and behavior. In offices where natural light is insufficient, it should be complemented by LED office lights.

If your office is designed in a way it can't access any natural light, LED office lights are the best alternative. The cool white light creates a calming effect in the office. It improves the mood and behavior of workers, making them more productive.


6. Complement Overhead Lights with Task Lights

While overhead lighting is important, ensure you buy task lights to complement it. Task lights like desk lamps, provide direct light for specific tasks at workstations, like reading paperwork. Overhead lighting may be enough for general duties but not for reading documents.


7. Pick a Neutral Color Temperature

Choosing the right color temperature for your office impacts the mood and behavior of workers. LED office lights come in a wide range of color temperatures. The appropriate color temperatures for an office setting are neutral to cool white, between 3500K and 5000K. Temperatures below 3500K are too yellow and will result in low worker productivity.

8. Check the Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index shows how a light source causes objects to appear compared to natural light. It is a scale from 0-100. A CRI of 85 and above is considered good. LED office lights have a high CRI of 80 and above. In offices, it’s imperative to see objects as they would naturally appear. Fluorescent lights make the environment look dull.


9. Get Lighting Controls

When buying office lighting, look for lighting controls. Workers spend most of the day at their desks or designated workstations. This means there are areas within the office that do not require constant lighting. For example in break rooms, stores, and restrooms, the amount of light can be controlled with motion sensors. In personal offices, dimmer switches can control the lighting levels.

Some LED drivers have dimming abilities and can dim LED office lights from 100% output to 0%. This does not affect the lifespan or efficiency of the lamps, as is the case with fluorescent lamps. Photosensors detect the natural light and signal to the fixtures to reduce or increase the light.

Controls for LED Lights

10.  Consider Computer and Device Setup

The setup of office desktops and laptops is an important factor. This is an area that can make a difference in productivity. Lighting sources shouldn't be placed facing electronic devices as they can cause glare.  


11.  Think of Energy Consumption

Be mindful of the energy consumption of your office lights. It will save you thousands of dollars in electric bills – and also help your company achieve sustainability. Fluorescent lamps are no longer the most energy-efficient, LEDs are. Choosing LED office lights is one of the best decisions you can make for your office. They provide quality lighting with 75% less energy usage than conventional lighting systems.



Talk to us about LED Office Lights


Office ceiling lights is the biggest lighting factor within an office facility. We ensure our office LED ceiling lights, office ceiling panels, and office ceiling recessed lighting products are the highest quality. Allowing for an office’s biggest light contributor to be one that delivers quality lighting.

Commercial office lighting is critical to get right. We are dedicated to help customize your LED office lighting system to your requirements. All of which will meet proper office lighting standards and regulations.

Use our contact info below to get in contact with one of our LED office building lighting professionals. They will answer all your questions and work with you directly. Get a photometric done of your office to ensure proper lighting. Our indoor LED office ceiling lighting and outdoor lighting solutions are at the best cost.

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