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Natatorium Rated Light Fixtures

Natatorium Rated Light Fixtures is just another way of saying Indoor Swimming Pool lights. Lights installed in these locations are subjected to harsh chlorine vapors and humidity, and normal lights typically start to suffer early signs of corrosion. The lights we offer on this page have all been installed in natatorium environments and have performed extremely well. They have handled the tough environmental conditions while providing energy saving, high quality lighting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first time buyers and repeat customers and asked them their biggest questions relating to natatorium lighting. Can’t find an answer below? Call us on (888) 423-3191 and a lighting expert will support you in this process.


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What Is Natatorium Lighting?

Natatorium lighting are lights designed for indoor swimming facilities.

What Is Natatorium Rated Lighting?

There is no ‘rating’ per se, but there are lights rated to work within the natatorium environment. Natatorium fixtures are always exposed to high humidity, water/chlorine environments, so the fixture should be rated to withstand this type of environment.

For example, using tempered glass lenses on high bays, and using a high quality epoxy finish or powder coat will protect the fixture from corrosion and failure. The body of the UFO high bays are cast aluminum which performs very well in this type of environment. Additionally, any fixture being used should be IP65 or higher.

Natatorium High Bay

What Is the Best Color Temperature for a Natatorium?

Our customers typically ask for either 4000K or 5000K. 5000K is a good replacement for metal halide fixtures.

Natatorium High Bay2

What Are the Guidelines for Natatorium Lighting?

This depends on the level of competition. Here are some guidelines that you can use to determine how much you need.

Professional Level: Pool: 75 foot candles (fc), Deck: 50 foot candles (fc)
College Level: Pool: 50 fc, Deck: 20 fc
Recreation Level: Pool 30 fc, Deck: 10 fc

Are All High Bay Light Fixtures Usable in a Commercial Pool Building?

Not all. There are specific high bay fixtures on our site that we would recommend over others based on what we know and have installed. For example, some of our UFO fixtures with tempered glass lenses have been used in a commercial natatorium since 2016 without an issue or failure.


Are Your Fixtures Natatorium Rated?

Yes, they are. We have many UFO fixtures and retrofit kits installed in natatoriums that are performing well without any issues.

Can You Use Parking Lot Lights for an Outdoor Pool?

You can, but this assumes there are poles mounted close to the perimeter of the pool. You would also want to make sure the parking lot light has the right optic pattern. The best thing to do is ask us to create a lighting plan for you. This way, we can easily show you the light levels across the ‘surface’ of the pool and deck.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for an Indoor Swimming Pool?

Start with deciding how much light or foot candles you need, and then have us create a lighting plan. The lighting plan will show you the ideal light locations, the type of fixtures used, and foot candles across the surface of the pool and deck.

Should I Use New Fixtures or Can I Retrofit?

Many natatoriums use ‘uplighting’ that shines light against a highly reflective ceiling. This is a great way to reduce, if not eliminate, glare. These fixtures are also expensive. Retrofitting is a great option - it allows you to convert to LED and keep the investment in your existing uplighting. The existing fixture must be in reusable condition if retrofitting. Otherwise, replacing is the way to go.

Do You Sell Uplighting?

We sell retrofit kits to modify uplights, but do not offer a true up light. We do offer flood lights and other fixtures that can be aimed upwards like an uplight. They are very specialized.

indoor pool illuminated with led lighting


Can These Fixtures Get Wet When Used in a Natatorium?

Yes, the fixtures we have listed here are all IP65 rated or above.

What Is the Warranty on the Fixtures and What Types of Issues Are Covered?

The warranty on these fixtures is 5 years, and it covers all normal wear and tear issues. If there is any problem, call us. We’re here to help.

Will Chlorine Degrade Your Fixtures?

It shouldn’t. Our UFO high bays are cast aluminum with an industrial grade powder coat. When using them, use a tempered glass lens, this should keep them safe from the effects of chlorine.


Are There Any Special Installation Instructions to Ensure the Fixtures Are Not Damaged by Chlorine?

None. Just follow the normal installation procedures and you should be set.

How Do I Install a Lens to Reduce Glare on the Water?

Frosted lens covers are a good tactic to reduce glare. This is something we do a lot on sports courts and gymnasium installations as well.

How many Natatorium Lights do I need?

There are two ways to look at answering this question. If you have an existing Natatorium, then you may want to do a one-for-one replacement of your lights over to LED.

If you are looking for new lighting or new lighting locations, then creating a Natatorium Lighting Plan will help you determine light locations.

A lighting plan details light locations and provides foot candle readings at specific locations over the pool.

Swimming Pool Lighting Plan
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