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What are Natatorium lights?

Natatorium lights are indoor pool lights mounted from above that provides lighting to the pool area. LED Natatorium lights are LED versions of the same named Metal Halide fixtures. 

How many Natatorium Lights do I need?

There are two ways to look at answering this question. If you have an existing Natatorium, then you may want to do a one-for-one replacement of your lights over to LED.

If you are looking for new lighting or new lighting locations, then creating a Natatorium Lighting Plan will help you determine light locations.

A lighting plan details light locations and provides foot candle readings at specific locations over the pool.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool - 50+ fc average with glare shield - 30 ft mounting height

What about special Natatorium up-lights?

Lights that point upwards and light a highly reflective ceiling are expensive. And LED versions of these lights are also expensive.

We offer a series of LED Retrofit Kits that can retrofit these special Natatorium lights. You can simply replace the bulb and ballast with our LED Kits and keep using your existing fixtures.

Can LED Natatorium Lights replace Metal Halide?

Yes they are. Our LED Lights can replace Metal Halide and provide you with a high quality long lasting lighting solution. Whether you are looking for ceiling mounted high bays, wall mounted flood lights, or retrofitting your up lights, we have the products and power to brighten any natatorium. 

What are the benefits of converting a Natatorium over to LED?

There are many. Here are some of the main benefits

High Quality Lighting - CRIs of 70 or more

Turns on and off instantly - if your pool is empty, turn off the lights and save even more

Dimmable - allows you to finely tune your light levels to make it right for your location

Built for harsh environments - our lights can handle the tough and corrosive pool environments

Anti glare options - frosted lens covers are available to reduce lighting glare

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