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Lighting a Nuclear, Hydro, and Thermal Power Plant Facility isn't easy. The top floor of the generation room is hot - too hot for most LED lights. That is why we offer, and have installed, high temperature LED Lights designed for high temperature environments up to 212F in several power plants in the USA. We also can retrofit you existing fixture with led retrofit kits, so you can avoid the costly exercise of creating new engineering drawings. Give us a call and we can help find a solution for you. Get Your Free Power Plant Lighting Plan
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LED Recessed Can Retrofit Kits for Power Plants


LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits for Power Plants

How LED Lighting Solves Problems in Power Plants

1. High Heat from Steam Generation

Many power plants generate steam to turn power generating turbines. They use nuclear energy, coal or natural gas to create steam. Heat issues inside these plants would destroy a normal LED fixture. Most LED fixtures are rated to handle ambient temperatures up to 50C or 122F.

We offer two lines of high temperature High Bays and Flood Lights that are rated for these environments

Option 1 is rated to 80C or 176F

Option 2 is rated to 90C or 194F

2. High Power LED

We can provide powerful LED high bays, flood lights, high mast, yard lights and security lights for both inside plant operations or outside general and security lights. Our High Power LED Lights can replace 400 Watt, 1000 Watt, 1500 Watt and even 2000 Watt Metal Halide. We have worked with some of the nations largest power producers solving their lighting needs with powerful LED Light solutions.

3. High Voltage LED Lighting

Many power plants operate in a high voltage environment. Many of our LED Power Plant Lighting Solutions work on standard voltage 100-277V or the higher voltage range of 277-480V. The LED drivers are auto-switching, they detect the incoming voltage and automatically adjust.

Many times we find that high voltage lighting solutions need a little extra help when dealing with fluctuating loads. That's why we offer industrial sized panel surge protectors to balance the load at the panel - protecting your lighting investment. 

4. Retrofit and Save Engineering Costs

We have UL and ETL Retrofit solution designed to replace fluorescent, metal halide, HPS and Mercury Vapor bulbs and ballasts inside your existing fixtured. It's as simple as bulb and ballast replacement. Save costs on engineering studies and documentation by keeping your existing fixtures and convert to over to LED with our retrofit kits.

* LED Retrofit Options

We have 11 Metal Halide LED Retrofit Kits that can replace 150 Watts to 1000 Watts Metal Halide. 
We have 4 Fluorescent Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits that can replace 2 ft, 4 ft and 8 ft fluorescent bulbs inside your existing fixtures.

Successful LED Power Plant Conversion


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