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What are NSF Certified LED Brewery Lights?


Brewery specific NSF Fixtures are for wash down brewery locations where cleanliness is paramount. They ensure the environment remains safe and contamination free. These lights are able to withstand high pressure hot water and the rigors of wash-downs.

Our LED Brewery Lights meet all the stringent NSF guidelines. They are built to replace 250 Watt - 750 Watt  Metal Halide. These stylish brewery-ready high bays provide bright light for a safe work place.

We also have a line-up for linear fixtures that are IP69K rated, easily replacing any existing fluorescent fixture you may have. View our fixtures below for brewery lighting ideas.


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Create a Brewery Lighting Plan 

So, how do you know what the end result will be and not risk making a big mistake?

Create a lighting plan of your brewery so you can see the light levels simulated with the new lights. If you have a light meter, take a reading of your current light levels. Too much? Too little? You decide.

We create a lighting plant simulation of your indoor area. You can compare your current light levels to your future light levels. That way, you will know what to expect after you install your new LED NSF certified fixtures.

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How LED Light Impacts Beverage Safety

To enhance safety and productivity, the beverage industry relies on powerful lighting systems. This is why beverage processing facilities are switching from conventional lighting to LED. LED lighting complies with the stringent regulations that are set by the FDA and the USDA.

The adoption of LED in the beverage industry will reach $80 billion yearly by 2020. Beverage and Food processing and manufacturing plants are leading the rest in the adoption of LED. LEDs offer great solutions to then complex and challenging conditions of these environments.

LEDs can help decrease thermal damage and degradation of ingredients. They are perfect for cold storage applications. Research shows that in post harvest, LEDs preserves and enhances ingredients nutritive qualities. They also lower fungal infections. LEDs paired with photo sensitizers or catalysts can make pathogenic bacteria in ingredients inactive. This helps preserve the freshness of ingredients in the post harvest stage.

Since LEDs are solid state, they are devoid of fragile parts and glass. Dangerous chemicals and parts cannot escape and contaminate ingredients. LEDs also give off very little heat. This means cooking processes are not affected by higher temperatures caused by lighting. 

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