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LED Outdoor Fixtures for Convenience Stores

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Convenience Store Lighting

The lighting needs of a convenience store may vary based on its type and location. Yet, some aspects are standard since the layout is much the same. When it comes to finding the right lighting for your convenience store, focus on the main areas.


Outdoor Canopy

On advertising your business, the lighting you use here is the most important. It can determine whether customers choose to shop at your store and not a competitor's. If the canopy outside has poor light, customers will not want to pump gas at night for security reasons.

They not only fear their safety, they think the business isn't concerned either. The outdoor canopy should have LED high bays that deliver bright, wide-scope light. Lights with photo sensors are best for this location. They'll go on and off based on the ambient natural light.



The signage is important. It directs shoppers to your business and helps draw attention to your location. For the signage, the lights used must be bright and powerful. LED lights are the best option for this area for several reasons. For starters, they offer superior brightness so customers will see it from a distance.

Second, they have cooler operating temperatures and work well no matter the weather. These lights are an energy-saving, cost-efficient lighting solution. And unlike high intensity discharge lights, they do not have a warm up time and are longer lasting.


Parking Lot and Walkways

For these two areas, the element of safety is very important. The lights used here must provide security, making shoppers to feel safe. When parking lots and walkways are well lit, there's fewer crime as well as personal accidents.

In parking lots, LED lights must be high power and withstand harsh weather without damage. Walkways can be lit up in different ways. Wall-pack lights can go together with accent lights to enhance the beauty of the space.

Semi cutoff or full cutoff wall-packs are recommended to cut light pollution. Parking lots and walkway fixtures must be well gasketed, have the right IK and IP rating, and be UL listed for wet locations. This ensures they withstand all weather conditions with no form of damage.


LED Convenience Store Lighting

Interior Lighting

The lights used in the inner part of the convenience store must be bright but not harsh. Studies show that stores with better lighting make shoppers feel happy about spending. It's obvious this leads to more sales. But, customers may not stay long in poor lit stores. As the product displays don't entice them and may create eye strain.

The ceiling will determine the specific lights used. The lights can instal on the surface, suspended, or mounted using pendants.


The Back Door

This is the area where employees recieve deliveries and take out trash. It also serves as an exit for employees at the end of their shifts. Vapor tight lighting fixtures are recommended for this area. Mounted direct above the door.

Exposure to water, dust, and humidity is likely for these indoor and outdoors lights. The lights have metal cages for extra protection. And when it comes to outdoor lighting, the stronger the better.

Why is LED Store Lighting Better?

LED is Perfect for Cold Food Storage

Although stores use fluorescents, they're not as good as LED lights for freezers and refrigerators. Cold temperatures usually cause the mercury vapor pressure inside fluorescent lamps to drop. This results in lower light output. The light production of the lamps can decrease by as much as 25%.

These traditional bulbs don't work well in cold environments. Because they need a lot of heat to produce enough light. In a cold storage environment, fluorescent lamps may take longer to turn on and may also emit a lot of heat. The high heat may make employees lower the cold storage temperature even more. This results in more energy usage to balance out the heat produced by the lights.

LEDs work excellent in cold environments. They need very little heat to produce light and also produce minimal heat. While metal halides produce a lot of heat, as much as 300 degrees, LEDs only generate heat in the 120-degree range. By installing LED lights, your cold storage system won't have to work as hard to lower the heat. This saves you more money in the process.

Exceptional Color

No question about it, LED lights improve the color of food. Meats that look discolored, but are still fresh, can turn off people from buying. With bright LED lights, there is no need to worry as everything looks fresh.

Fresh produce like fruits and vegetables also look better under LED lights. If you want to draw attention to specific types of produce, use LEDs with special optics to boost the color spectrum.

Works Well With Occupancy Sensors

LED lights with occupancy sensors are perfect for cold food storage. They help save the convenience store more money. When you pair traditional bulbs with occupancy sensors, the lifespan may be affected. It takes them more time and energy to warm up and switch on. But with LEDs, occupancy sensors may actually increase their lifespan. And because of their instant-on ability, they ensure an area lightss only when it needs to be.

LED Lighting for Convenience Stores


Some convenience stores still use fluorescent lamps, but the lights are dangerous. In case these tubes crack or drop, the people in the convenience store will be exposed to mercury and fumes.

LED lights are very well built and can drop and not crack. With LEDs, you won't have to worry about replacing them for years. And when you finally do, you won’t worry about the danger that comes with dropping them.

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