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What are Bollard lights?

Bollard Lights are pathway and walk way lights that sit on the edge of the path way and provide lighting to the pathway. They are short, less than 4 ft tall. They are an excellent source of land scape lighting, as well as a good option to provide safe lighting for foot traffic.

How Many Bollard Lights do you need?

The proper answer to this question depends on whether you are replacing existing bollard lights or adding lighting to a new construction project.

LED bollard lights can easily replace metal halide and high pressure sodium - 1 for 1.  So if you have existing bollard lights, and not interested in rewiring your existing layout, these will work fine.

For new areas, a lighting plan can be created to place bollard lights in the appropriate locations to provide the lighting you need. Isolines on the printable lighting plan report can show you the spread of the bollard lighting on the pathway. Bollards can be placed so that the light is continuous, or at specific intervals.

Can you replace Metal Halide Bollard Lights with LED?

Yes, and quite easily. Our bollard lights are specifically designed to replace Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, CFLs and Incandescent lighting. LED lights will last a lot longer than these traditional light sources, so your outdoor lighting maintenance will also be reduced.

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