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Supermarkets are like all other retail stores in the sense that they need to provide a pleasant shopping experience. With traditional lighting such as fluorescent, they can flicker, buzz, or output low quality light which can cause customers to leave early, not return, or complain. With LED grocery store lights, the quality of light is improved and energy savings are obtained.Supermarkets & grocery stores have a tough time increasing food & produce sales, and lighting can be a major contributing factor to this effort. Proper lighting in any grocery store will provide adequate illumination, high color contrast (to make items stand out), extra lighting on strategic products, and to do all of this while saving energy is a plus. Our LED grocery store lighting solutions offer all of this, and more. From energy savings to higher quality light, it is perfect for any grocer.

In addition, our LED display & walk-in cooler lights can work in cold temperatures and output less heat, keeping cooling costs down while maintaining proper illumination in the back and in the display coolers & freezers.

Lighting used in supermarkets doesn't have to cost more than it should anymore. With LED grocery store lights, you will be able to reduce lighting energy costs by up to 75%, maintain longer lifespans, and even receive rebates.

High Bays

LED High Bay

Low Bays

LED Low Bay

Vapor Tight

LED Vapor TIght

Wrap Around

LED Wrap Around

LED Panels

LED Panels

LED Troffers

LED Troffers

Free Super Market Lighting Plans

Creating the right shopper experience is paramount to keeping your customers happy. LED Lighting Supply can create a lighting plan for your supermarket. Take the risk out of buying LED!

Super Market Lighting Plan

LED Lights For Grocery Stores

Reduced costs

Reducing grocery store lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with our LED supermarket lights. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption in relation to your existing supermarket lighting system. Also savings occur with our LED supermarket lighting solutions from longer lifespansreduced maintenance costs, and rebates.


Better customer experience

Improving visibility, removing flickering & buzzing lights, and offering the most optimal color temperature all lead to an improved experience for your customers.  Create a unique experience with our supermarket LED lights. It's possible with LED grocery lighting to create a professionalsustainable, and enjoyable for all visitors to your grocery store.


More directed light

Not only do the quality of your grocery store lighting fixtures play a huge role in the direction of your light, but so does the technology. LED solutions are directional by nature, and this allows less light to be wasted and more light to be directed exactly where you want it; the shelves. Having directional lighting allows for grocery stores to make items pop and stand out from the rest.

Achieving Proper Grocery Store Lighting Levels, Design & Standards

Achieving the perfect lighting formula for each store will can vary a bit. Think of the variety of stores & supermarkets you have entered, each giving off a different vibes. This is done partially through the lighting levels and color temperatures. Whatever your goal is, we will help aid you in achieving the desired supermarket lighting design with our LED supermarket lighting fixtures.

Be sure to our contact information below to get in contact with one of our supermarket LED lighting professionals and they will help you from start to finish with re-designing, planning, and installing your new or retrofit LED grocery store lighting system.

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