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Tennis Court Lighting Layout

A Tennis Court Lighting Plan / Layout is a software created report showing you how a tennis court will look after converting to LED lights. The software is able to create both indoor plans and outdoor plans.

Indoor plans typically means the lights are mounted on the ceiling from above. Outdoor tennis court lighting plans means the lights are mounted on poles on the perimeter of the court.

Creating a lighting plan for a tennis court is a great starting point when you’re thinking about adding LED lighting. The software allows you to model the court. For indoor courts, lights can be added from above. Some indoor facilities point the lights upward at the ceiling. Others have high bays pointing straight down. Either scenario can be modeled for an interior tennis court lighting plan.

Once the fixtures are placed, the light levels are calculated for the tennis court, and foot candle readings show light levels across the tennis court. The plan will also show how balanced the light is across the tennis court surface.

Lights can be swapped out, re-aimed, moved and tilted in order to achieve optimal lighting.

Think of a tennis court lighting plan as a blue print for ideal lighting on a tennis court.

Tennis Court Finish Conversion To Led Lights

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