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Tennis Court Finish Conversion To Led Lights

Do You Provide Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting Design?

Yes, we do, for free. We have done hundreds of tennis court lighting plans for our customers. However, there is one caveat – we only create lighting plans using our lights. Scroll to the bottom of this page and ask for yours.

What Is the Best Way to do Tennis Court LED Lighting Design?

The best way is to start with a physical drawing of the tennis court location. From there, it’s important to note:

For outdoor locations, the placement of the poles and pole heights
For indoor locations, the location of existing lights and mounting heights
The desired light levels

Then, a plan can be created inside specialized lighting software that lighting designers use to create lighting plans. The tennis court can be imported and modeled inside the software, and different fixtures can be ‘installed’ to see how well they perform and provide that perfect combination of lighting levels and light balance.

Tennis Court After Conversion To Led

What Are the Main Benefits of Creating a Tennis Court Lighting Plan?

There are several, but the biggest benefit is that a lighting plan allows you to find the right combination of lighting before any money is spent (some companies charge for lighting plans – we don’t). This eliminates the mistakes that go along with guessing what light will provide the best lighting for you.

We have yet to see a situation where we went from creating a lighting plan to installing the fixtures and the customer was not happy with the results. Lighting plans are great at discovering problems and issues before any money is spent.

Should I Use an Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting Layout or a Tennis Court Lighting Calculator?

Lighting calculators are really basic tools that attempt to calculate the number of fixtures you might need to light up a space. What they lack is the detail in the design that shows how they should be installed, aimed, angled and set up.

And while they will calculate the number of fixtures based on the light level required, they do not take into account the light levels at the net versus light levels at the back of the court, and how well-balanced the light is.

When we make a lighting plan, we check for two main things – how bright is the lighting and how balanced is the lighting across the space. Bright unbalanced lighting is not a good result for anyone. No one wants to hit in the shadows on the court. Creating a lighting plan will eliminate these issues.

How Do I Plan the Typical Tennis Court Lighting Layout?

Tennis courts are typically consistent in size. The bigger factor is the light’s locations – whether it’s poles for an outdoor court, or ceiling locations if it’s an indoor court. If these locations do not pre-exist, we can recommend where they should be.

What Software Do You Use to Create a Tennis Court Lighting Plan?

We use an industry leading design software called AGI32.

Are There Any Tennis Court Lighting Standards I Should Be Aware Of?

There are, but many of those come into play for courts used to hold tournaments. If you are looking to light up your own backyard court or the court is part of a public park that allows its residents to play, lower light levels will be more adequate.

We can work with you to determine exactly what tennis court lighting level requirements are best for your court.

How Long Does It Take to do a Tennis Court Lighting Design?

Typically, the turnaround is 2 business days (90% of the time), but it depends how many lighting plans are in the queue. We will give you an estimated delivery time when we talk with you.

Tennis Court Lighting Calculation

What Are the Requirements for Tennis Court Lighting Levels?

This is really more of a function of usage. If the court is used for tournament play, we can choose the right light levels based on the level of tournament play. Typically, it’s not hard to match and meet any light level requirement. Our lighting is powerful enough to deliver light levels from 5 to 150 foot candles.

Contact us today and speak with our lighting engineers so we can determine what light levels will work best for your needs.