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LED Yoga Studio Lighting Fixtures

Yoga Studio Lighting

What Are Yoga Studio Lighting Fixtures?

Upon entering a yoga studio, you expect to find a calm, welcoming environment that transports you away to a metaphysical paradise. Surprisingly, a lot of that is done by lighting. It’s much easier to burn soothing incense and pick relaxing music than it is to find the right lighting, but we’re here to make it easy. For these reasons, yoga studio lighting needs to be multifaceted. After all, you cannot expect an instructor to set up and prepare for the class in the same dim light that it will likely be conducted in. Yoga studio lighting has a lot of requirements, but it’s nothing that LEDs can’t handle.

What Are The Best Yoga Studio Lights?

As we mentioned above, there’s a lot expected from yoga studio lights. They need to mimic the shine of the natural shine, be dimmable, and turn on and off instantly. In addition to this, it’s also a good idea to install lights that are resistant to water, as oftentimes hot yoga classes and the like can get pretty steamy. For this reason, LEDs are the best choice.

Unlike other lighting options, frequent power cycles don’t affect the longevity of LEDs. And, in addition to this, LED lights pair extremely well with lighting controls, like dimmers, which are absolutely essential for yoga studios. LEDs also give the buyer the power to determine the color and quality of the light. The best color temperature for yoga studios is 4000K. This provides a light that is both warm and a bit crisp, mimicking natural daylight. When paired with a dimmer, this lighting setup allows yoga instructors to change the mood of the room as they see fit.

How Many Yoga Studio Lights Do I Need?

Every yoga studio is different and will therefore have different requirements. If your studio is relatively small and gets a ton of natural light, you’ll likely need much fewer fixtures than a large studio with only a few windows. The best way to determine exactly how many lights you need is with a photometric lighting plan.

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