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LED Yoga Studio Lighting Fixtures

Yoga Studio Lighting

When you walk into a yoga studio, the intention is to transport you away from the cares of the world into a sanctuary of physical and mental separation.

There are a number of factors that contribute to an ideal yoga space all focused around ones senses. Oil diffusers, slightly warm temperature and ideal lighting make all the difference.

It is easy pick a nice scent and to increase the heat just slightly. Determining the correct lighting is another story. Fortunately we can assist you in choosing the best lighting for a yoga studio.


Dimmer Switch

A must have requirement for any yoga studio is a dimmer switch. Many of our lighting systems come with this as an option. This way your yoga instructors can raise or lower the lighting as they see fit creating the perfect ambiance.


Color Temperature

The best color temperature for yoga studios is 4000K. This provides a light that is both warm and a bit crisp.


Natural Light

When determining your yoga studio lighting plan make sure to take natural light into account. The number of lights and the lumens required for a high quality customer experience depending in part on the amount of natural light that gets into your studio. Don't forget to plan for early morning and night classes, too! Lastly, shades may be a good idea if your studio gets direct sunlight during the day so that the light is not in the eyes of your yogis.

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