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Tennis Court Lighting Plans


Being able to light up a tennis court with bright light is what lighting plans help to achieve. Making sure the foot candle levels are right and the light is evenly distributed are the ways to make a conversion to led lighting successful.

Lighting plans simulate both indoor and outdoor tennis courts and allows us to add lights into your existing pole or ceiling locations. We can then calculate light levels and how evenly distributed the light is across the tennis playing surface.


Optimal Light Levels for Tennis Courts

Tennis Level Suggested Foot Candles
Recreation Level Lighting 20 fc - 35 fc
Club Level Tennis Lighting 30 fc - 60 fc
Competition Level Tennis Lighting 50 fc - 80 fc
College/NCAA Level Tennis Lighting (televised) 90 fc - 120 fc

Retrofitting Expensive Indoor Tennis Up Lights with LED

 If your indoor tennis court uses up-lighting to reflect light off a reflective ceiling, you already know these lights are expensive. Converting them over to a new LED Fixture is an expensive undertaking.

Did you know you can convert the metal halide bulbs over to LED? It's as simple as a bulb and ballast replacement, at a fraction of the cost of a new fixture.

LED Lighting Supply has retrofitted many existing up light projects, including natatoriums, indoor tennis lights and international airports. 

We can convert your indoor tennis court up-lights easily with products that can replace 150 Watt to 1000 Watt Metal Halide.

Metal Halide Retrofit Kit

LED HID Retrofit Kits

Indoor LED Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court Finish Conversion To Led Lights
Another successful LED Lighting Supply LED Conversion - Indoor Tennis Lights

Commonly, for an indoor tennis court lighting system, you will find high bay fixtures. Some point upwards to light up a reflective ceiling. Others point down, but its imperative to reduce glare. Frosted lenses help with that.

It's also important to make sure distribution is even and uniform. We recommend high beam angles to accomplish this - 120 to 150 degrees.

Not sure which LED indoor tennis court lighting option is best for you?

Contact us and a lighting professional will help determine which indoor solution is best.

Outdoor LED Tennis Court Lights

LED Flood Lights for Tennis Courts

Outdoor tennis court light systems typically consist of area lights or shoebox lights.

These types of lights output enough light for large outdoor areas. This enables tennis courts to be illuminated to meet outdoor lighting standards.

With lighting that outputs so much light, they require a lot of energy to run. With our outdoor LED tennis court lighting options, they enable you to maintain high light output, with less energy consumption. Typical energy reduction is 75% or more.

However, with old HID technology and long strike times, turning off lights was not an option. They can take up to 30 minutes to re-light to full power.

With LED, its instant on and off. Running LED Lights is a big cost savings. Other intangible benefits of being able to turn off lights saves even more.

Not sure which LED lighting products for outdoor tennis courts you need?

Contact us and a lighting professional will help determine which solutions may be best for you.

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