LED Tennis Court Lights

LED tennis court lights typically consist of Area Flood Lights or shoebox style lights with special optics designed for tennis courts and pickleball courts. LED is the perfect replacement for Metal Halide and HPS Lighting for Tennis Courts. LED can easily replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium used outdoors to illuminate tennis courts. LED lights enable you to maintain high light output, with less energy consumption. Typical energy reduction is 75% or more. Get Your Free LED Tennis Court Lighting Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first time buyers and long-term customers to find out their most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying lights for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. If you couldn’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 and a dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.

What are Tennis Court Lights?

For indoor tennis courts, tennis court lights are mounted on the ceiling. The light points down, similar to a gym light, or points upwards, reflecting against a white reflective surface.

For outdoor tennis courts, lights are pole mounted on the perimeter of the court. They resemble shoebox lights that are commonly found on parking lots. These lights use special optics to "throw" the light towards the center of the court.

What are the best lighting options for indoor tennis courts?

There are really two options, and it depends on whether you want light pointing downwards or upwards.

The best solution for lights pointing downwards are a high bay light. The best choice is a UFO LED Light with a frosted lens to reduce the amount of glare produced. These lights are powerful, bright, and robust. So hitting them with a tennis ball is not going to hurt them. 

 If your tennis club uses up-lighting against a reflective ceiling, and you currently power them with metal halide, a cost effective solution is to retrofit these lights and replace the metal halide components with a LED Retrofit Kit. This allows you to keep your lights and convert to LED, with all its benefits.

Tennis Court Conversion To Led Lights 

What are the best lighting options for outdoor tennis courts?

There are two options, and both are pole mounted solutions.

If the poles are mounted near the perimeter of the court, then a shoebox style light is a good option. It is important that you choose the right type of optic package with these lights - some are particularly good at lighting up courts and not the area behind the courts. These are considered 'forward-throw' optics, and most shoebox lights meant for parking lots are not meant for tennis courts.

If the poles are mounted further back, a flood light is a great option to light up the outdoor court area. The flood light power and beam angle you need relies completely on your requirements and physical locations of the poles. A lighting plan can figure out exactly what the best solution is.

LED Flood Lights for Tennis Courts

Can LED Lights replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights used for tennis?

Absolutely. We have LED Lights that can replace both 400 Watts and 1000 Watts Metal Halide. LED lights provide high quality, high CRI lighting in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures.

Why are LED Lights better than Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium used on tennis courts?

There are many reasons, here are just a few

Energy Savings: you can expect a 50% or more reduction in your lighting costs
High Quality Light output that makes everything very clear
Instant on - Instant Off: No long start up times or delays that is associated with metal halide
Long life span with little to no maintenance costs: A clear winner over
Metal Halide

 How many LED Lumens do I need to Replace Metal Halide?

15,000 - 22,000 LED lumens replaces 400 watt metal halide

45,000 - 60,000 LED lumens replaces 1000 watt metal halide

Both these apply for indoor and outdoor lights. The actual lumens you need can only be properly determined by doing a light plan. Scroll to the bottom of this page to ask for yours.

Do Outdoor Tennis Court Lights need to be water proof?

Yes. Both indoor and outdoor options are all waterproof, rated at IP65 or higher. 

Are Tennis Court Lights easy to install?

Yes, indoor lights are either hook mounted or pendant mounted and wire easily into your junction boxes.

Up-lighting is easily retrofitted with our retrofit kits. Its as simple as a bulb and ballast replacement, something your electrician performs all the time.

Installing outdoor shoebox or flood lights are not difficult either. A qualified electrician with a boom lift can usually replace 1 or 2 lights per hour.

Do you stock Tennis Court Lights in the USA?

Yes, we have several warehouses, including our main one located in Nashua, NH, with many in stock. Once an order is placed, we can ship to your location in 1-6 business days, depending on where you are and the warehouse the lights ship from.

Can I get a tennis court lighting plan layout from you?

The short answer is yes. We offer free lighting plans for our commercial and industrial customers. We have done 100's of tennis court lighting plans using state of the art lighting design software. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to request yours.

Can I replace metal halide lights with LED - 1 for 1?

Yes, but to be sure, lets create a lighting plan first. The lighting plan will model your tennis court and find the best option that replaces your existing lights, 1 for 1.

Tennis Court Lighting Plans

Being able to light up a tennis court with bright light is what lighting plans help to achieve. Making sure the foot candle levels are right and the light is evenly distributed are the ways to make a conversion to led lighting successful.

Lighting plans simulate both indoor and outdoor tennis courts and allows us to add lights into your existing pole or ceiling locations. We can then calculate light levels and how evenly distributed the light is across the tennis playing surface.


Optimal Light Levels for Tennis Courts

Tennis Level Suggested Foot Candles
Recreation Level Lighting 20 fc - 35 fc
Club Level Tennis Lighting 30 fc - 60 fc
Competition Level Tennis Lighting 50 fc - 80 fc
College / NCAA Level Tennis Lighting (televised) 90 fc - 120 fc
Tennis Court Lighting Plan
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