LED Sports Lighting Applications

Outdoor Sport Lights

600w With Basketball

600w With Basketball

Sport lighting is for outdoor areas that need strong, powerful focused lights to ensure specific areas are lit well with high quality light. Having the proper optic packages, laser aim for setup, high CRI and high TLCI options is paramount. We have you covered if you're looking to replace 1000W to 2000W HID.

Whether your lighting a college stadium, a little league baseball field or a high school foot ball field, we have the options, power and experience to light these areas.

Lighting up tennis courts or pickle ball? You will need special optic packages that "throw" the light forward from their pole locations. And set up so glare is not a factor. Check out out tennis court lighting here.

Advantages of LED Outdoor Sport Lights

They are extremely precise and light is directional. Optic options allow for precise distributions.


A high color temperature (5000K) that gives them the ability to reveal the true colors of objects. 


LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours, maintaining 70% of their illumination capacity for a very long time.


Because LEDs are very robust and last so long, they are almost maintenance-free.


Commercial outdoor sport LED lights easily integrate with intelligent lighting controls. Controls regulate the light intensity, the light output and the lighting duration.

Indoor Sport Lights

Sport lighting for indoor areas need to be robust and provide high quality, properly illuminated and distributed light. Having the proper optic packages is essential for ensuring the light is well distributed and even. Its paramount the light looks even and without shadows.

We have lit 100's of indoor sport courts and gymnasiums, as well as hockey and ice rinks. We create photometric light plans (FREE, of course) to ensure our lights work properly in your space. This takes away all the risk on how the lights will perform before you purchase.

Sport Lighting Layout

Why are lighting plans important? They allow you to see your sports field or gymnasium would look if you converted to LED Lighting. Its a report that shows light levels, and how well balanced the lighting is across the playing surface.

We can easily run different options with our lights, and provide you with the proper information and guidance. We're here to save you money with LED. But it's as important to get the lighting right. 

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