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Softball / Baseball Field Lighting Plans

Re-lamping a softball or baseball field is not a trivial task. Picking the right LED fixture and hoping you got it right with so many options to choose from. How many lumens do you need? What’s the best optic for your field?

Every baseball and softball field is different. That includes pole placement, height, distance from the field, lights per pole and foot candle requirements.

And then looking at pages of high power LED lights and trying to decide the best lighting option is a high risk activity.

Fortunately, softball and baseball lighting plans can reduce if not eliminate all the risk. A lighting plan is a model of your field. It shows your poles and their locations, with our high power stadium and / or flood lights mounted lighting your field. It will calculate foot candle measurements at many locations across the field. It will show you how balanced  well distributed the light is. You can see the and separate infield from outfield light levels.

In a nutshell, its your baseball field converted to LED without you having to spend $1. Without any risk.

Baseball Softball Lighting Plan

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