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Get Your Free Soccer Field Lighting Layout

What Is a Soccer Field Lighting Layout?

A soccer field lighting layout is a software-generated lighting report. It models the physical layout of an indoor or outdoor soccer field. For outdoor soccer fields, it uses existing pole locations or suggests for new fields. It shows light locations with aiming points and shows both foot candle readings and light balance on the field.

For indoor soccer fields, it shows roof mounted light locations or uses your existing light locations. It provides the same light levels and balance readings based on the physical location of the fixtures.

Soccer Field Lighting Plan

What Goes Into Successful Soccer Field Lighting Design?

First, we have to specify how much light is required. Then, the process begins by selecting the appropriate light fixtures and optic packages. We ensure the light is balanced across the space. Both need to be achieved in order for the design to be considered a success.

soccer field lighting calculation

What Are the Recommended Light Levels for a Soccer Field?

It depends on the level of competition and the sports activity that happens on the field. College level soccer fields will be brighter than recreational based community fields. In the USA, soccer field light levels requirements are like football field requirements.

Recreational: 5-20 foot candles
Middle School: 20-30 foot candles
Small High School: 20-40 foot candles
Larger High School: 40-50 foot candles
College: 60-120 foot candles

How Many Lumens to Light a Soccer Field?

If you think of lighting levels in lumens per square foot, it translates into foot candles. So, 20 lumens per square foot is equivalent to 20 foot candles.

In terms of actual lumens a light produces, a lighting plan will help sort all that out. Once we understand the light levels required, we can pick the appropriate fixture that will meet those needs.

How Does Soccer Stadium Lighting Design Differ from Soccer Field Lighting Design?

They don’t differ that much. Indoor fields are ceiling mounted lights and outdoor fields are pole mounted lights. Of the two, the indoor soccer field is simpler to do. Providing balanced lighting over the entire field is easier when lights are above.