Soccer Field Lighting Design

What’s a Soccer Field Lighting Plan?

Converting an existing soccer field lighting over to LED is not easy. Picking the right LED field fixture can be a daunting task.

How many watts?

How many lumens?

What optic?

What CRI?

What Color Temperature?

Replacing 1000 Watt Metal Halide Stadium lights without knowing what the  outcome will be is a recipe for failure.

That’s why you need a soccer field lighting plan. A soccer field lighting plan is a report generated by special lighting software to model indoor and outdoor areas. And that includes soccer fields.

A representation of the soccer field can be entered into the software. Or a google map of the field can be imported. From there the poles are defined and / or located, and fixtures are added to the poles. Calculations are performed. Results are analyzed and the lighting plan is altered until foot candle requirements are met and how well balanced and even the light is across the entire field.

Soccer fields can be developed for both indoor and outdoor fields.

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Soccer Field Lighting Plan

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