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What is a Shop Lighting Plan?

A Shop Lighting Plan is created using specialized lighting software. The end result is a visual report that is a representation of the shop or work area that shows fixture installation locations, light levels (measured in foot candles) and details on how well balanced the light is across the shop floor space. Shops are typically indoor areas with ceiling heights that are less than 20 feet high.

They are areas where work is done and performed. The work may be complex and detailed, and having a well lit area increases work quality and improves worker safety.

Using special lighting photometric software, we can model an indoor shop area layout plan. You start by defining the physical dimensions of the shop including width, length, ceiling height and existing light locations. If the space is irregular in shape, that can also be modeled. If the space is new, then fixture locations can be determined.

Our lighting engineers can add LED shop light fixtures at specific locations, angles, orientation and height.

The software then calculates light levels and provides a comprehensive visual layout report. The report displays calculation points representing the foot candle reading at defined locations within the shop.

The plan can be altered. Lights can be changed out, added, removed and moved. We can tweak the plan until the light levels and balanced are perfected.

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How many lumens do you need for a shop?

The number you need depends a lot on the use and type of work being performed.

For general shop work, consider a target between 20 and 30 foot candles

For work around machinery, consider a target between 50 and 75 foot candles

For fine detail work, consider a target 75 to 100 foot candles

How Much Light Does Your Shop Need?

 One way to help make this decision is to try and figure out how bright you need your shop to be. Typical shop light can range between 30 and 70 foot candles, depending on the type of shop you have and whether your shop is part of your home or an actual business.

We recommend creating a shop lighting plan. A shop lighting plan uses specialized photometric software to create a digital layout of your shop, adding lights and then calculating foot candle levels. The software also reports how “even” the light is across the entire shop space.


Why are Shop Lighting Plans important?

They allow you to see your well lit your shop area would look under LED Shop Lights. We can easily configure different lighting options, and provide you with the real information and guidance. 

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