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What Is the Ideal Shop Lighting Layout?

The ideal shop lighting layout places lights to achieve a perfect balance of footcandles and even lighting across the space. The first step is to understand how bright you need the space to be. The first step is to understand how bright you need the space to be. The second step is to create a lighting plan that meets the criteria. It determines the amount of lighting as well as placement.

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How Do I Calculate The Number of Lights Needed In a Shop?

There are two ways to do this. You can use a simple lighting calculator, it will give you a good estimate. Or, we can create a lighting plan for you. The plan provides the number of lights needed, the proper layout, foot candle readings across the floor. It will help you achieve balanced lighting across the space.

When Does It Make Sense to Use a Shop Lighting Calculator?

A shop lighting calculator is a fixture estimate tool. And that’s all it should be thought of as. It won’t provide layout confirmation, the needed light levels across the floor space and it won’t tell you how balanced light will be across the space.

How Do I Calculate the Lumens Needed for Lighting a Shop?

It is better to consider how bright you need the space to be instead of the lumens you need per fixture. A lighting plan software will pick the ideal fixture based on your needs. However, guessing the amount of lumens you need per fixture is not a good idea.

How Many Foot Candles Do You Need for a Shop?

For general light duty shops, 20-40 foot candles are enough. For shops that are utilized for production work, 40-60 foot candles is a good target. For high production commercial shop lighting, 60+ is a good target.

What is The Ideal 24 x 40 Shop Lighting Layout?

The answer relies on the amount of light you need. The answer could be as few as 4 lights in a 2X2 pattern, or as many as 8-10, if you need it to be super bright.

What Is the Ideal 30 x 40 Shop Lighting Layout?

The same answer applies here as above, but you will need more fixtures because the space is bigger. Nice 30X40 shop packages start with 4-6 fixtures and go up from there, depending on your needs.

How Do I Calculate LED Shop Light Placement?

A lighting plan will do that for you. It considers your space, your needs and your requirements. It figures out the best light and the best placement for it. A lighting plan removes all the guesswork from having to figure this out on your own.