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Free Photometric Lighting Plan

A photometric analysis or lighting plan shows how bright and evenly distributed your lighting will be using custom modeling software. You will immediately see the results of a LED conversion before you buy, taking the risk out of your purchase.

We have done 1000’s of lighting plans for customers. We may be able to show you similar project results.

What does a Lighting Plan Provide?

 It will provide a visual report of your space, and identify the fixture(s) used, the fixture locations, the foot candle measurements across the space, and how even and balanced the lighting is across the space.

How long does it take to prepare a lighting plan?

While complex requirements can take longer, a good rule of thumb is:

  • Indoor Plans: 24 hours
  • Outdoor Plans: 72 hours

What customer types are eligible for free lighting plans?

We offer free lighting plans for contractors along with commercial & industrial end users.

For residential customers, we are able to offer free plans for horse arenas, barns and shops.

We are typically unable to provide free lighting plans to architects, as the full project plans are usually unknown at this early stage and require extensive non-design work. 

What can I expect with the results of a Lighting Plan?

The results of each plan is specific to the particular space dimensions and fixture model, wattage, lumens, optic used, color temperature and mounting angle used. 

You should not expect the same lighting results indicated by the lighting plan if the fixture is swapped out for another fixture.

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