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What’s a Pole Barn Light Calculator?

A Pole Barn Lighting Calculator is a simple online tool that asks for some simple inputs – room dimensions, fixture lumens and desired foot candle target and then calculates the total number of fixtures you are going to need to meet this requirement. Its a good initial process. To the right, we have added a lighting calculator to use. Please keep reading this post, and learn why this by itself is not enough.

The software calculates foot candle levels and produces a visual layout pdf report. The pdf report displays foot candle measurements at locations within the interior pole barn space.

Light Distribution in a Pole Barn

Not every lighting fixture is the same in terms of how it distributes light. LED Lights can vary dramatically by watts, lumens and light distribution. You would be surprised how different 2 lights can be when their specifications, on paper, seem similar. But how can you identify the best lighting solution for your pole barn? 

You should consider asking us to do a Pole Barn Lighting Plan. A lighting plan is a printable report that shows a graphical analysis of lights installed in a pole barn space, their location, and how well lit the barn is (a measurement indicated as foot candles). It will also show how balanced the light is  (average / min ratio – the lower the number, the more even the light is)

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