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What Is the Ideal Pickleball Court Lighting Layout?

The ideal pickleball court lighting layout would include a scaled representation of the pickleball court, poles and fixtures mounted on the poles near the court. The lighting plan would include court foot candle readings, and a light balance calculation to ensure the lighting is even across the playing surface.

What Are the Recommended Pickleball Court Light Levels?

Depending on the level of play, foot candles can average from 20 to as high as 80. For most courts and purposes, a range of 20-40 foot candles is all you need.

Pickle Ball Court at Night

How Does Pickleball Court Lighting Design Differ Between Indoor and Outdoor Courts?

The biggest difference is where the lights are installed. In indoor courts, lights can be mounted from the ceiling and it’s very simple to achieve the desired foot candle levels and light balance. For outdoor courts, lights are generally mounted on poles at the edge of the playing surface, and lights with specialized forward throw optics are used to push the light onto the court to achieve light balance.