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What is Perimeter Security Lighting Design?

A Perimeter Security Lighting Design is a Photometric Lighting Analysis that addresses the lighting for a given outdoor space or area using perimeter lighting fixtures.

The plan shows light fixture locations and all details of how the lights are aimed. Once all the light locations are added to the model, the software calculates light levels and light distribution 

The software calculates light levels and provides a comprehensive visual layout report. The report displays calculation points representing the foot candle reading at defined locations marked as points on the report.

Perimter Lighting

Optics for Perimeter Lighting Design

Using the proper optics can make the difference between a great outcome and a bad result. The software used in perimeter lighting design allows you to try different fixtures, using differing amounts of lumens with different optic packages, to determine which one provides the best distributed light option. Trying different simulations and options will provide you with the best lighting options and takes the risk out of buying LED lights.

Perimeter Lighting

Perimerter Lighting Calculator

LED Lighting Supply does not offer an online perimeter lighting calculator. The reason is almost all online perimeter lighting calculators will simply calculate the number of fixtures needed for a space. It does not show foot candles or how evenly distributed the light is.

In the above example, optics makes all the difference between a successful conversion and a bad one. Online Lighting Calculators will now show you this. It gives an impression that all you need to do is buy X fixtures and your lighting conversion will be successful. Wrong!

So instead we offer a free perimeter lighting plan instead. We want you to be happy with the results. 

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