Parking Lot Lighting Plan Calculator

What’s a Parking Lot Lighting Plan?

A Parking Lot Lighting Plan is a Photometric Lighting Plan created by software that creates a report detailing foot candle levels and how even the light is displayed across the entire parking lot space. It’s created from an actual overhead view of the parking lot (from google maps) or a supplied architectural drawing of a proposed parking lot imported into the software.

The plan shows all pole positions. The poles have lights installed, and they are aimed or oriented on the plan to provide ideal lighting. The software calculates the results and foot candle readings across the entire outdoor parking lot is displayed in a printable pdf report. The report also provide measurements of how even the light is across the entire space (indicated as the average/minimum ratio).

What is a Parking Lot Lighting Calculator?

A Parking lot lighting calculator is an online tool that tries to calculate the number of fixtures you need based on some inputs. We do not think these offer any value.  The reason is online parking lot lighting calculators only calculate the number of fixtures needed for a space. It does not show where the fixtures should be located, foot candle measurements at any location in the space, or how evenly distributed the light is.

Even worse, it does not differentiate on how well a specific parking lot light will perform. You cannot just add a 150 Watt LED Parking Lot light to your outdoor area and expect it to do what you need it to do. All lights are different. A lighting plan will determine what light works for you.

The Golden Rule of Lighting Plans

A lighting plan is specific to the fixtures used in the plan. Swapping out fixtures with “like” fixtures will not work. Why?

Because each fixture is different – light spread, optics and lumens produced. You would be surprised how 2 fixtures which appear on paper to be almost identical – produce vastly different results when analyzed in a lighting plan.

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Parking Lot Lighting Plan

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