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Parking Lot Lighting Design Calculator

Looking to calculate the number of fixtures you need? We’re here for you.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses with their parking lot lighting requirements. Based on our experience, here’s what you need to know and how we can help you.

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What Is A Parking Lot Lighting Design Calculator?

A parking lot lighting calculator is a tool that is designed to show how lighting in a parking lot might look by adding or changing out lights. A better approach is to follow a parking lot lighting design that’s made using a lighting plan software which provides detailed visual reporting on the proper light levels, light balance and light locations.

What Is Parking Lot Lighting Design?

A parking lot lighting design is a process and service that creates a visual report detailing a physical parking lot location (either from a CAD drawing or Google Maps download) and imported into specific lighting plan software. Lights are then added at specific locations and mounting heights within the software and light levels are calculated within the software. The net result of the calculation is to generate a report for the customer that represents this model and show them the light levels and light balance within the design.

Parking Lot Lighting Plan

What’s the Difference Between a Parking Design Calculator and a Parking Lot Lighting Plan?

Use a calculator if:

You are looking for a free, online tool to quickly calculate the number of fixtures you need;
You want quick, simple and immediate results;
You are looking for a count of fixtures based on a specific budget;
You need a rough estimate on quantity and layout / configuration does not matter;
There is no requirement to include specific light balance and shadows in your documentation.

Use a lighting plan if:

You would like a professional lighting engineer to review your requirements;
You need a calculated lighting plan that shows foot candle readings;
You need to see how balanced the light levels are, and you care about reducing shadows;
You want to show aiming angles, and light positions in scale with your indoor or outdoor area;
You need professional assurance that the lights you purchase will be the right choice.

Will Parking Lot Lighting Levels and Car Park Lighting Levels Be The Same?

Not necessarily. We typically see light levels requirements in car park garages to be higher than open air parking lots.

What Are the Recommended Parking Lot Lighting Levels?

We use an industry Different customers have different requirements, but, for the most part, parking lot light levels range between 1 and 10 foot candles. Higher levels are required if there is a need for video security recordings.
design software called AGI32.

What Is The Ideal Parking Lot Light Spacing?

Every lot is different, every requirement is customer specific or specified in the zoning/permitting for your city or town. So, the spacing is completely dictated by many factors – light levels needed, coverage space, mounting heights and even building mounted wall packs. A lighting plan will detail the proper spacing of fixtures and poles.

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