Parking Lot Foot Candles

How Many Foot Candles do you need for a Parking Lot?

The answer to this question comes in two parts. There is the recommended or required foot candles, and the foot candles that might exceed these for your location

According to

the average foot candles for a public parking lot is 0.8, not lower than 0.13 in any area of the lot.

for a private parking lot, the average foot candles is 0.5 fc, not lower than 0.13 in any area of the lot.

These levels may seem lower than what you think they should be, and many owners of commercial spaces request brighter lighting for their outdoor spaces. It has been proven that shoppers like bright parking areas. They feel more safe and secure when there is bright, uniform lighting. They will avoid poorly lit parking lotsCar dealerships want to highlight their cars. Keeping their outdoor space bright at night attracts night time shoppers. 

How Many Lumens do I need for a Parking Lot?

Lets walk you through the process. First, determine how much light you need on the ground (foot candles). Then create a lighting plan with your parking lot, and model different fixtures within the plan until you obtain the foot candles you need.

Pay attention to light distribution. Uneven light is just as bad as not enough or too much light.

Answering this question by starting with lumens is the wrong approach. The good news? We do lighting plans for free!


Translating Foot Candles into Parking Lot Lighting Plans

So how do you know if your project to convert your parking lot to LED will achieve the foot candle requirements you’re looking for?

It’s simple – create a lighting plan.

A lighting plan is a report created from specialized lighting software modeling your area. It  calculates light levels based on where your pole locations, our led parking lot lights, and determines how well the light is distributed in your outdoor space.

Parking Lot Lighting Plan

Want a Free Parking Lot Lighting Plan?

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