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What Goes Into a Quality Parking Garage Lighting Design?

The foundation of a quality parking garage lighting design is a good lighting plan. A lighting plan software can import floor layouts of existing parking garages, and lights can be added within the model to show how well lit the parking garage can be.

Lights can be swapped, changed, moved, added or eliminated within the plan until the desired light levels and light balance are met. The plan will show light levels, calculated light balance and even 3D renderings of how lit the space will be.

What Are the Recommended Parking Garage Lighting Standards?

We recommend at least a 2-5 foot candle average with a light balance (average / minimum) of 2.0 or less.

What Is the Ideal Parking Garage Lighting Layout?

The ideal parking garage layout is the one that presents the right light levels and light balance within the defined parking garage space.

Are There Any Parking Garage Foot Candle Requirements?

If there are any city or town requirements, they would be identified by your permitting or zoning board. Please check with them.

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