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What Goes Into Successful Office Lighting Design?

A successful office lighting design needs to take into account the physical space, limitations within the space like obstructions, mounting height, existing ceiling grids and expected light levels. Using all this data, a lighting plan can be created that provides the proper light location, the needed light levels and will tell you how well the light will be balanced within the space or within a room.

How Do You Layout LED 2×4 Light Fixtures In an Office?

The software we use, AGI32, allows us to model 2X4 and 2X2 grid ceiling layouts within an interior space. The software then decides where the panels or troffers should be placed within the grid. Or, if the fixtures are already there and you are looking to replace one for one, what is the light level that will help you achieve that?

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Should I Use an Office Lighting Calculator?

Simple calculators are good for fixture count estimates. However, a lighting calculator will not provide you with important decision-making criteria, such as fixture locations, light levels across the floor or how well balanced the light is.

What Are the Typical Lighting Standards for Office Buildings?

OSHA has some minimum standards for office lighting, meaning that there are minimal requirements for egress if people need to exit the building. What you actually need to be in a productive work environment is higher. We recommend between 30 and 50 foot candles for large area work areas.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for Office Lighting?

Some people think of lighting in terms of lumens per square foot. 1 lumen per square foot is the same as 1 foot candle. So, in practical terms, 30 lumens per square foot is the same as 30 foot candles.

How Many Foot Candles Is Ideal for Office Lighting?

Offices can vary from room to room and application to application, but a level of 30 to 50 foot candles is most common. For reception areas, less light is needed.