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Lighting Design for Substations

How can you successfully convert am electrical substation over to LED? No one wants to convert a substation over to LED lighting only to find the lighting is insufficient or poorly distributed. Safety and security is paramount and absolutely required. Lighting is an essential part of keeping a substation safe and secure.

What’s the best way to have a successful conversion to LED lighting? Start by doing a substation lighting plan.


What is a Lighting Plan for Substations?

Substation Lighting Plans are software simulations of an indoor or outdoor substation. The software defines the area space, light and / or pole locations, mounting heights, and equipment that might get in the way of being lit up.

The software calculates light levels and light distribution within the model. It provides a visual representation of light levels, represented as foot candles, throughout the space.

If your substation has high ceilings, we will select a fixture that might have a tighter beam spread. If you have lower ceilings, a wider spread will help in distributing the light.

The lighting plan allows us to swap out lights, change where there are located, change orientation and tilt, and ultimately tweak the plan until the lighting is right.

And for the substation customer – they did not have to purchase and install lights to have this figured out.

Substation Lighting Plan

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