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200 Watt Metal Halide LED Retrofit – 30800 Lumens – 750 Watt Replacement – 5000K – 100-277V

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Sku: MLLG-LED-RETRO5[A]-200-[Color]-[HV] – 1245

Watts: 200 • Lumens: 30800 • LM/W: 154

Replaces: 750 Watt Metal Halide

Color Temp: 4000K | 5000K

Volts: 100V-277V | 277V-480V

Operating Temperature: -31°F to +131°F

Dimensions: 7.9 in L X 5.9 in W X 2.75 in D


3 in stock

OVERVIEW200 Watt LED Retrofit Kit produces 30800 lumens and replaces 750 Watts Metal Halide inside your existing indoor or outdoor fixture. The retrofit kit is designed to replace Metal Halide bulbs and ballasts inside a sealed fixture. Active Cooling keeps this retrofit kit working for a very long time. It's equipped with a 120-277V or 277-480V driver. You can choose between 4000K and 5000K. This unit works well with existing motion sensors and photocells. Built with Nichia LED Chips and Meanwell LED Drivers, this kit is backed with a 10 year warranty on the LED Head and 5 year warranty on the driver.

INSTALL. Its as simple and easy as a Metal Halide bulb and ballast replacement. You should also remove the fixtures reflector and socket, as they won't be needed.

UTILIZATON. Since this is a replacement for a 750 Watt Metal Halide bulb, its applications are only limited to the size of the existing fixture. LED Retrofit Kits best application is when keeping the existing fixture is necessary but you want to convert to LED.

ENERGY SAVINGS. This fixture provides a lumen output equal to 750 Watts MH/HPS and can reduce your lighting bill between 50% and up to 80%. With a lifespan of 100,000 L70 hours, these lights/fixtures will last 10+ years under normal conditions. This LED light/fixture will save you a lot of money with lowered lighting bills and maintenance costs over its lifetime.

Replaces 750 Watt Metal Halide
Lumens Per Watt 154
Voltage 100V-277V | 277V-480V
Frequency 50/60 hz
Power Factor > .90
THD < 15%
Life Hours 100,000 (L70) hours | 50,000 hrs - driver
Color Temp 4000K | 5000K
CRI 75+
Beam Angle 120°
Operating Temp -31°F to +131°F
Dimmable Optional
Dimensions 7.9 in L X 5.9 in W X 2.75 in D
Weight 6
Warranty 10 years
  • 277V-480V
  • 4000K
  • 1-10V Dimming
200 LED Watts replacing 750 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 2902 kw/year *

Cost per kw/h Savings per year
.06 $174
.08 $232
.10 $290
.12 $348
.14 $406
.16 $464
.18 $522
.20 $580

* includes ballast draw

  1. Remove bulb, ballast, reflector and socket from existing fixture.
  2. Install retrofit mount arm system using the mounting holes of the removed socket
  3. Slide the retrofit head onto the mounting arm, and attach the safety wire
  4. Install the driver in the space where the ballast was installed.
  5. Connect the black and red wires of the driver to the black and red wires of the retrofit head
  6. Connect the input wires to the power cord coming into the fixture.
  • MLLG-LED-RETRO5[A]-200-40-[HV]
  • MLLG-LED-RETRO5[A]-200-50-[HV]

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