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300 Watt LED Parking Lot Light Retrofit – 49500 Lumens – 1000 Watt Replacement – 5000K – 277V-480V

Availability: Built to Order 4-6 Weeks

Sku: MLLG-LED-RETROSB-23-300-50 – 1596

Watts: 300 • Lumens: 49500 • LM/W: 165

Replaces: 1000W Metal Halide

Color Temp: 5000K

Volts: 277V-480V

Operating Temperature: -22°F to +113°F

Dimensions: 19.33 in L X 15.2 in W


Out of stock

OVERVIEW. 300 Watt LED Shoebox Retrofit Kit produces 49,500 lumens at 165 lumens / watt and replaces 1000 Watts Metal Halide inside your existing 23 inch shoebox fixture. The shoebox retrofit kit is designed to replace Metal Halide bulbs and ballasts inside a sealed fixture.  It's available with a 120-277V or 277-480V driver. You can choose between 4000K and 5000K. This unit works well with existing motion sensors and photocells. The heat sink is powder coated white and with a white LED PCB board, it makes any conversion to LED look professional and custom by filling the light window of the shoebox fixture.

INSTALL. Its as simple and easy as a Metal Halide bulb and ballast replacement. You should also remove the fixtures reflector and socket, as they won't be needed. 4 tabs on the retrofit kit are adjustable to align with the holes of the existing shoebox fixture. It is designed to retrofit in 99% of existing 23 inch shoebox fixtures.

UTILIZATON. Since this is a replacement for a 1000 Watt Metal Halide bulb, its applications are only limited to the size of the existing fixture. LED Retrofit Kits best application is when keeping the existing shoebox is necessary but you want to convert to LED.

ENERGY SAVINGS. This fixture provides a lumen output equal to 1000 Watts MH/HPS and can reduce your lighting bill between 50% and up to 80%. With a lifespan of 50,000 L70 hours, these lights/fixtures will last 10+ years under normal conditions. This LED light/fixture will save you a lot of money with lowered lighting bills and maintenance costs over its lifetime.

CERTIFICATION & WARRANTY: Buy with confidence: LED Lighting Supply provides a 5-year warranty along with ETL certifications to provide long lasting LED Lighting with safe operation!.

Replaces 1000W Metal Halide
Lumens Per Watt 165
Voltage 277V-480V
Frequency 50/60 hz
Power Factor .90
Life Hours 50,000 (L70) hours
Color Temp 5000K
CRI 70+
Beam Angle Type 5
Operating Temp -22°F to +113°F
Dimmable No
Housing White PCB and aluminum frame
Dimensions 19.33 in L X 15.2 in W
Weight 12
Warranty 5 years
300 LED Watts replacing 1000 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 3723 kw/year *

Cost per kw/h Savings per year
.06 $223
.08 $298
.10 $372
.12 $447
.14 $521
.16 $596
.18 $670
.20 $745

* includes ballast draw

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