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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke with our customers to find out their biggest questions when buying LED High Mast Lights. For more information, please call (888) 423-3191 and an expert will be able to assist you.


What Is High Mast Lighting?

LED High Mast Lights are high-power lights mounted on a very tall pole. High mast poles can accommodate up to 4 to 16 lights depending on your requirements and the poles used. These are powerful lights with broad and wide beam angles so the light they cast covers an expansive area.

How Tall Is High Mast Lighting?

High mast lighting can range from 40 feet to as high as 120 feet.

What Are the Benefits of using an Outdoor LED High Mast Fixtures?

First, you can expect to save 50% to 70% of your energy consumption and costs over HID Lamps / Metal Halide Lights. High mast lights allow light to be broadcast over a very large area from a single source. There is no need to install many poles with 1 or 2 lights. You can install 1 high mast pole and light up a very large area from one location.

LED lighting fixtures are very good for high mast lighting systems.  If you think about converting an HID / MH / HPS light on a high mast pole with many lights on it, the energy savings per pole is tremendous.

Another benefit is that LED High Mast Lights are instant on and instant off. They work well with motion sensors. In areas with limited activity, LED lights could dim using motion sensors. This will result in even more energy savings. What’s more, LEDs do not need a lot of maintenance, if any at all, over a very long period of time. Maintaining these types of lights can be costly considering their mounting height. And the fact that sometimes they’re installed in remote locations.

What Is a High Mast Lighting System?

This is a control system that lets you control your lights from a central computer location. All our high mast fixtures are compatible with any given system.

Do LED High Mast Lights Come with Surge Protection?

They do. Their built-in surge protectors can handle up to 20 kVA surges and more.

What is the Best Alternative to High Mast Lighting?

We like the use of our high mast flood lights. LED Flood lights can aim at specific locations. And they come with a wide variety of optic options providing great coverage for an area.

LED High Mast Lights for Port

I want to Replace Metal Halide with LED High Mast Lighting System. What’s the best way to make sure I will have the same light levels or more?

The best way to be assured is to request a free LED high mast lighting plan. A lighting plan will show you the amount of light (measured in foot candles or lux) across the area and an evenly distributed light pattern and create uniform illumination. The lighting needs to be bright and balanced. We have created lighting plans for

Rail Yards
Large Storage Facilities
Prison Yards
Outdoor Lighting for areas around Power Generation Plants


What Are Some Common Issues with HID / Metal Halide High Mast Luminaires?

Some of the common issues we hear with many MH and HPS – are the cost of running and the cost of maintenance.

We also hear the light quality, especially with high-pressure sodium is poor. So getting an upgrade to a high-quality light source is more than welcomed when converting over to LED.

Are LED High Mast Lights Light Output Powerful Enough to Replace 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt Metal Halide?

Yes, we can replace 750 Watt, 1000 Watt, 1500 Watt, and 2000 Watt HID / Metal Halide / High-Pressure Sodium Lights one-for-one with LED Lighting High Masts. In some cases, we could de-lamp (remove fixtures from the pole). This is because our LED lighting provide powerful light and we can do more with fewer fixtures.

Are there any Issues with LED High Mast Light Fixtures Installed Near the Coast?

No, but you should make sure you ask us to include the marine grade option. There’s only a slight cost for this option. It adds a marine-grade epoxy finish that is designed for sea coasts and saltwater environments.

Do You Offer High Heat High Mast Lighting Solutions for Hot Regions and Countries?

We have a series of high mast lights that are available with a higher heat range of up to 70C°/158F. Please contact us and let us know if you have this need.

Which 400-watt High Mast LED Lighting do you recommend?

We recommend:

475 Watt LED High Mast Fixture | 66500 Lumens | 5000K | 100V-277V
400 Watt LED Area Flood Light | 56000 Lumens | 5000K | 100V-277V

What Is a High Mast Ring Lights Application?

There are many, and we have installed our high mast lights as:
Security outdoor lighting
High Mast Parking Lot Lights
Shipyard lighting
Airport lighting
DOT Highway Interchanges

High Mast Lighting

Do You Have Any Low Cost LED High Mast Lights in Stock?

Yes, we do. We have a series of high-power flood lights and a series of high-power area lights. They are in stock at one of our warehouses in the USA. We have used both fixtures to light up large outdoor areas and ports. If the high mast is not in stock, we can have them in 4-6 weeks in most cases.

What is Your Most Popular High Mast Light Wattage?

The 400 Watt Area Flood and 475 Watt High Mast are the most popular. These are excellent replacements for 1000 Watt HID / Metal Halide Lights.

How do you Design High Mast Lighting Solution?

The best starting point is to create a lighting plan. We can model high mast lighting in a plan. Many of our customers ask us to model an area with many poles. Or to model 1 pole and show how far our light will cover. We can calculate that within the lighting plan.

Can you give me a quote or price for high mast lighting fixtures for my commercial project?

We can. We have 3 ways you can contact us: Chat with us (lower right of this page), contact us, email us, or call us at (888) 423-3191.


How Do I Install LED High Mast Lights?

There isn’t anything different in installing a LED high mast light when compared to your old lighting. The mounting options are all the same, as is the wiring.

We offer both 100-277V and 277-480V driver solutions. We can handle both single-phase and three-phase power.

Before ordering, it would be helpful to know the EPA rating for the area. Let us know of any other special environmental conditions. We want to ensure the lights we offer will provide you with years of trouble-free operation.

High mast lights weigh less than the HID, MH, or HPS fixture they replace. So, it should not present a weight problem for the installation crew or affect the load rating of the pole.

750W DOT LED High Mast