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LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator

A simple low bay lighting calculator takes your inputs, such as the size of the space, the foot candles target you are trying to hit, and the number of lumens of the fixture you think is a good option.

The calculator runs and gives you a fixture count that will meet the foot candles in the room you defined.

Low Bay Lighting Plans

What is a low bay commercial lighting plan? It’s a Free Design report we provide that shows you a visual representation of your indoor space.

The report shows light locations (rows and columns of lights) and foot candle readings.

But it shows something that is just as important – light distribution, or, how well the light is balanced in the space. In the example to the right, you will see Avg / Min ratio of 1.96. This is the light balance number. This is an excellent number for an indoor space. The lower this number is, the more balanced the light is across the entire space.

So while both the simple calculator (above) and lighting plan should come to the same conclusion on number of fixtures, the lighting plan gives you the right information to know whether the conversion to LED Low Bays will be successful or not.

One word of caution. A lighting plan is for a specific fixture / fixtures. Substituting another fixture based on the information and guidance of a lighting plan will not be a guarantee of success. Lights come with different lumen / optic packages.

It is not reasonable to think that ALL 100 Watt LED Low Bays will produce the same results.

40x60x16 Pole Barn 71fc

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