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LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator

Looking to create a LED low bay lighting plan? We’re here for you.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses with their LED low bay lighting designs. Based on our experience, here’s what you need to know and how we can help you.

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40x60x16 Pole Barn 71fc

What Goes Into Successful Low Bay Lighting Design?

Understanding the area, what it’s used for, and any obstructions within the area are all part of understanding how to light up the area properly. From there, knowing the expected light levels plays a crucial role in creating the lighting design. Using the right fixture, ensuring the light levels are met and the lighting is balanced across the space is also of great importance for creating the proper lighting design.

Low Bay Install

What Are the Recommended Low Bay Light Levels?

This can vary so much based on the needs and intended use of the area. A warehouse space that has little activity needs a lot less light than a production shop where tools and machines are used. It’s best to tell us what you need and what you’re doing so we can help you figure out the proper light levels for your space and needs.

What Is the Recommended LED Low Bay Light Layout?

The recommended layout can only be determined by creating a lighting plan that’s specific to your space and needs. Unfortunately, there is no simple ‘one size fits all’ answer here.

How Many Lights Per Square Foot Do You Need For a Low Bay Industrial Space?

Our lighting plan calculations do not calculate this. What they do calculate is the average foot candles across the space, and how well balanced the light within the space will be.

What Is an LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator?

A low bay lighting calculator is a simple tool that gives you an estimate of how many fixtures you might need to meet the proper light levels. A lighting plan will provide you with the right fixture count, light layout and position, foot candle readings across the floor space and how well balanced the light across the space will be. Nevertheless, a lighting calculator should never be used in place of a lighting plan.

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