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LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator

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What is a LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator?

A LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator or Lighting Design Plan is a Photometric Lighting Analysis for an indoor space that’s typically lit with low bays lights. When looking at an indoor low bay lighting plan, you typically see rooms and light installation locations

The software calculates light levels and provides a comprehensive visual layout report. The report displays calculation points representing the foot candle reading at defined locations.


What is Low Bay Light Spacing?

Low Bay light spacing is the space between light fixtures that provides the optimal light levels as well as lighting distribution. There is a an old general rule of thumb for light spacing: the height of the light is the space between lights. For example:

a light mounted at 15 feet should be spaced 15 feet apart

a light mounted at 20 feet should be spaced 20 feet apart

These however are general rules. Nothing replaces a lighting plan. You will generally find that the brighter you need the area to be, the spacing between lights decrease.


Example:  Low Bay Shop Lighting Photometric – Target 75 foot candles


Shop Photometric Plan 75 Fc 1

This shop is 100 ft X 100 ft with 20 ft high ceilings. The software calculated that it would need 42 150W LED UFO High Bays to meet the 75 foot candles requirement.

Fixture Used

150W LED UFO High Bay (42 fixtures)

LED Low Bay Lighting Layout Calculator


To use this calculator, enter the following:

  1. Length, Width and Height of room in feet
  2. Lumen output of the fixture you want to test
  3. The desired foot candles of the fixture

What it will return:

The approximate number of fixture you will need to get the required foot candle levels. 

Please note: this is a lighting layout approximation tool. It should never be used in place of a lighting plan or photometric design. The basic tool we provide will not visually show how good the distribution is, light placement, what optic you may have to use or the avg/min foot candle ratios.

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What is a LED Low Bay Lighting Calculator? We provide real examples of effective high bay lighting plans and a way to ask us to do a free high bay lighting plan for you.
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