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Are you looking to convert your indoor space to LED but are unsure how many lights or what type of light you should use?

This is a common question we get asked. An Indoor LED Lighting Layout Calculator can provide some answers.


What is an Indoor LED Lighting Layout Calculator?

An Indoor LED Lighting Layout Calculator is a software tool that allows you to enter room dimensions, fixture count and approximate foot candles you are hoping for and then calculates the number of fixtures you might need.


How do you calculate how many LED lights do I need?

The calculation to find the correct number of lights starts with understanding how bright you want the space to be. This is a measurement called Foot Candles. Once you know how many foot candles you want or need, then you can add / subtract lights from the space until it produces the foot candles you are looking for.



Is an Indoor LED Lighting Layout Calculator different than a Lighting Plan?

A Lighting Plan is a more precise version if a Lighting Layout Calculator. It provides a lot more information over a lighting calculation, including fixture placement, foot candles at any location in the plan, and how even the light distribution is.

    Lighting Plans provides you a visible representation of lighting within your defined space. Lighting Plan software allows you to enter the following information to model and help predict how new lighting will work in your space.

    length, width and height of the space

    how well your space reflects light

    any obstructions, like shelving or machinery

    existing light locations – or new lighting placement

    how even the light is between fixtures

    how well the corners are lit up


     Indoor Lighting Calculators provide a very limited amount of data (fixture count), whereas lighting plans provide you with all the information you need to make a correct decision before you purchase.

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