LED High Bay Lighting Calculator

What’s a High Bay Lighting Calculator?

A LED High Bay Lighting Design Calculator is a Lighting Plan Report  for an indoor commercial or industrial space. In this space, high bays are installed to provide the primary lighting. An indoor high bay lighting plan consists of the floor layout, light locations, foot candle measurements and other measurements that indicate how even the light distribution is.

Want a Free High Bay Lighting Plan?

Tell us about your project. We have done 1000’s of FREE Lighting plans for our commercial and industrial customers.

Why? Because its important to us that your LED Conversion project is a success. They’re free, and there’s no obligation to buy.

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Simple High Bay Lighting Calculator

To the right is a simple High Bay Lighting Calculator. You can enter room dimensions (L X W X H), the lumens of the fixture you would like to use, and the number of desired foot candles you are looking to end up with.

This will give you the fixture count that will meet your foot candle requirements using this fixture. 

However, this is a very simple calculation. What it won’t calculate or show you is where the lights are located, and how evenly distributed the lights going to be.

Lets discuss this further. Lets say you decide on a high bay fixture. One comes with a 60 degree beam angle, the other 120 degrees. Both have the same amount of lumens.

The results couldn’t be more different. However, this calculator will give you the same fixture count because it only cares about lumens.

So this simple calculator should not be used to make your final high bay count decision. Ask us for a FREE – No Obligation – High Bay lighting plan. This will make sure your high bay conversion project is a success!

Simple guidelines to High Bay Spacing

So how far should high bay lights be spaced on a ceiling? Here’s a simple rule to remember, and its based on mounting height.

High bays mounted 20 feet high should be spaced 20 feet apart

High bays mounted 40 feet high should be spaced 40 feet apart

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