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LED Paint Booth Lights

LED Paint Booth Lights and Blast Proof Lighting are explosion proof rated lights because the vapors created by spraying paints and finishes can be extremely dangerous if they explode. The two most common categories of paint booth lights are Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2. LED Paint Booth lights reduces energy consumption by up to 75% and meets all hazardous lighting standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time purchasing LED Paint Booth Lights and Blast Booth Lighting. We’ve curated a list of questions to help you find the right solution for you. For more information on our products, please contact us on (888) 423-3191. A dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.


What Are The Best LED Paint Booth Lights?

Let’s make sure we are specific about the type of material used in a paint booth. For the most part, the dangerous paints are ones that are oil based or alcohol based. Water based paints are not a concern. Are hazardous paints or finishes are being applied in a booth? Then you have to use explosion rated or hazardous location rated paint booth lights. The best way to determine this is to check with your local permitting office or fire inspector.

Can You Use LED Lights in a Paint Booth or Blast Booth?

Yes, we have many LED Explosion Proof lights that are designed to be used in paint booths. If you have fluorescent explosion proof lights, you can retrofit with magnetic LED strips.

Can I Use a Flood Light in a Paint Booth?

Yes, but it all depends on what paint you are spraying. If your paint material can cause an explosion, then don’t use normal LED flood lights.

Can I Use a Vapor Proof Light in a Paint Booth?

No. Vapor proof light fixture keeps the outside environment from entering into the fixture. This gas or vapor could shorten the life of the fixture. Never use it in place of an explosion proof light.

In the case of non-explosive water born vapors, then you could use a vapor proof fixture. We recommend you contact your local city, town or county engineering office first. And ask them what is or isn’t allowed within their jurisdiction.

LED Lights in Spray Booth

What Type of Lighting Goes in a Paint Booth?

If the vapors produced are explosive in nature, then use explosion proof lighting. We have many formats of explosion proof lighting. These include high bay LED lights and LED low bay lighting, linear lights and flood lights.

Paint Booth Lighting Requirements

The industry standard for a paint booth is 100 to 150 foot candles at a 3 foot height. If you opt-out for a different foot candle – then light quality, placement, and size need to be adjusted accordingly.

paint booth lighting requirements


What Classification of Lighting’s Needed for LED Paint Booth Lights and Blast Room Lighting?

To answer this, we recommend you ask your city, county or town fire department.

There is one safe answer though. Class 1 Division 1 Lighting is meant for the harshest of explosive environments. It is a safer option than Class 1 Division 2 lights.

What Is the Difference Between Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2 in Pain Booth Lighting?

C1D1 is a category of lights where an explosive environment is always present.

C1D2 is a category of lights where an explosive environment is sometimes present.

A word of caution – don’t assume that C1D2 applies because the paint booth is not used ‘all the time’. When in use, the conditions of C1D1 exist, and that should be the way you approach this decision

Do You Have Intrinsically Safe LED Spray Booth Lights?

Intrinsically safe lights are very small battery powered lights, like flashlights. Both intrinsically safe lights and explosion proof lights designed to meet one common goal. Never cause a dangerous environment in which they operate to explode.

You do not need intrinsically safe lights as your main lights inside a paint booth.

Do I Need Explosion Proof Fixtures with Water-Based Paints and Finishes?

You should always ask your city, town or county fire departments for their guidelines. If you’re 100% certain the water-based paints and finishes will never cause an explosion, then you won’t need them.

Do I Need to Use an Explosion Proof Fixture or Can I Just Use a Normal High Bay?

If the environment and product you’re spraying can explode, never use a ‘normal’ non-explosion rated LED light.


Do the Fixtures Have Glass or Plastic Lenses?

Most of our explosion proof fixtures have tempered glass lenses.

How Do I Keep Paint Off My Light Fixtures in a Spray Booth?

If paint gets on the body of the fixture, it will have no effect. If it gets on the lens, it will reduce the amount of light. If this happens, since the lens has tempered glass, you can scrape the paint off when it does happen.

Can I Retrofit My Existing Fixtures with LED?

Yes, but first make sure you are not violating any code requirements set by your local government. Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED magnetic strips is a common retrofit option.


Can I Install a Light in My Paint Booth?

Yes, providing it’s done by a qualified electrician. They understand and conform with all the codes associated with explosion proof lighting.

Can I Mount LED Paint Booth Lights on the Wall?

Yes, we have created many lighting plans for our spray paint booth customers. The fixtures are on the ceilings and walls.

Do I Need Anything Else for an Installation?

We supply the fixtures only. Are you are replacing an existing fixture? You might already have the proper conduit and junction boxes to install the new units.

Are you are changing your fixture style or it is a new installation? You will need to get that material or confirm that what you have will work for your installation.