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Street Light LED Retrofits


Need a Free Street Fixture Lighting Plan?

<p>Need a Free Street Fixture Lighting Plan?</p>

Street Light Retrofit Kits are all in one bulb and ballast replacements for your existing metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs inside your existing street lights or cobra head lights. Just remove the bulb and ballast, rewire the sockets to power, and screw these in, and you have converted your lights over to LED

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LED Wattage
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5 Benefits of LED Street Light Retrofits

You'll want to consider a LED street light retrofit lamp over a new fixture when it is possible. We find the need for a new street light fixture when the existing one is failing. They start falling apart, are old, or not compatible with a LED Retrofit Kit in your street lighting fixtures.

Converting to LED street light replacements, you'll gain all the benefits with a reduction in cost. Not only is it 15% to 30% cheaper, but the installation costs drop too due to being quicker to install. Check out more of the benefits that not only does LED offer, but our retrofit lamps offer as well. Shop for LED Street Lights Retrofit Bulbs designed to replace HID and HPS - in your existing fixture. Simple and easy to install. Quickly convert to LED without all the headaches.

Light maintenance and utility bills can shoot up with underperforming and outdated street lights. Increased costs and hassles related to old lighting systems drive building owners to LED lights. And while many stakeholders are often put off by LEDs’ high initial costs, they shouldn’t be. LED retrofits cost less than new LED lights and offer the same benefits. A retrofit costs 50-75% less than a new light fixture.

With retrofitting, there’s no need for intricate electrical work. The wiring and light fixtures are not replaced. In most cases, the electrician opens the fixtures to remove the old bulbs and ballast. Then insert the LED heads and drivers in their place. If you buy new LED street lights, you might need permission for new light installations.

Below are the benefits LED street light retrofit lamps when it comes to street lighting.

Street Lights

1. Even Light Distribution

In streets and parking lots, even distribution of light is an essential need. With even light, people feel safe as they go about their nighttime activities. Lighting professionals usually determine lighting levels by checking the foot-candles and luxes.

One way to determine even light distribution is checking luminous flux in lumens. Luminous flux indicates the total quantity of light discharged by a source. Luminous efficacy is also important to show the bulb's ability to emit visible light.

Metal halide lamps have a lower lumen per watt ratio compared to LED lights. Their greatest luminous efficacy is 100 lumens per watt. But, it is important to note that HID lamps are multidirectional. So even if a MH lamp has a high luminous efficacy, it will not direct all the light to the intended surface. Some of that light will be lost to the surrounding environment.

All HID lights need reflectors to direct the light. HIDs also have lower CRIs hence their light quality is poor. They also need a lot of energy to work.

Because of the low CRIs and CCTs, as well as omnidirectional light, MH and HPS lamps create dark spots. LED street light retrofit lamps improvement the light quality. A lighting designer helps you to choose LEDs with the right optics. Picking for your environment to ensure that light distribution is uniform.

Retrofit Replacement Lights for Street Lights


2.  They Bring Creativity to the Existing Lighting Infrastructure

LED street light retrofit lamps change the look and feel of the space, thanks to the bright light. They give your property a fresh new look at a friendly price. By utilizing LED lights with varied optics, a LED expert can ensure the light covers the entire area.

LED lights have unique benefits that go beyond energy savings and less maintenance costs. They are available in a wide range of color temperatures and color rendering indices. When they replace high pressure sodium lamps, the change is very noticeable.

Due to lack of knowledge, people installed LED lights with whiter or cooler color temperatures. They tended to look brighter and more intense. It could also be due to the fact that over the years, the use of fluorescent lights made people used to white light. The perception to challenge is that white light equals better visibility – especially outdoors.

Back in June 14, 2016, The American Medical Association released a study highlighting the dangers of white LED lights. These lights have more blue light which increases glare and nighttime light pollution.

The AMA asked lighting engineers to look for ways to mitigate this danger. It could result in traffic accidents, as the visual acuity of drivers decreases. Another problem of high CCT lights is the potential to disrupt the circadian rhythm. It may suppres the production of melatonin at night.

White light with CCTs above 4000K, is beneficial for tasks that need concentration. But not very useful in outdoor locations that have fog. The thing is, white light has a harder time penetrating through fog to light up roadways.

So, during foggy weather, roads illuminated by white lights have visibility problems. These lights also cause increased sky glow. The sky glow is unpleasant to the eye and hampers astronomical research.

Warm white LEDs are best for roadways and tunnel lights because of 'short dark adaption times.' The lights are warm, with a CCT of 3000K, but the human eye still perceives them as white, albeit with a tinge of yellow. Warm white light has less blue light wavelengths and is more aesthetic at night. It has less adverse effects on the natural ecosystem and the human circadian rhythm. LED street light retrofit lamps with warm white light should be shielded. This lessen any chances of sky glows and light pollution.



3. They Present an Opportunity for Further Improvements

Make further improvements to your commercial facility. It helps to start with little improvements then use the savings to improve other areas.

The LED light uses 75% less energy than conventional light fixtures. It has semiconductors and doesn’t use an oxidative process to produce light, unlike HID. The light that LEDs produce emits straight from the source since it has no filament. That’s why it needs very little electricity to produce light.

Old bulbs drain energy because the gas or gaseous mixture heats to vapor before there's light. So, the light produced by a 40W HID light source is the same as a 5W LED light. LED street lights have better quality light with lower energ and they generate less heat.

A HID bulb will give off almost 80% of the energy it pulls as heat rather than light. LEDs also have heat sinks that dissipate the little heat they produce to give them a longer lifespan. LED lights last longer than any other light source and will cut your maintenance budget.

Once stakeholders realize the financial benefits from a LED retrofit project, they will adopt more LEDs.


4. Rebates, Discounts, and Incentives

Installing LED street light retrofit lamps, you'll get discounts, rebates, and incentives. These can help reduce your initial investment. You can get information from the Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency. There are federal and state level rebates. Also utility and government-backed incentives for use of energy efficient lights.

5. Pair Well With Light Control Features

With control features in place, LED street light retrofit lamps will save energy. They control the light production only when required. Photocells save energy by controlling the LED output based on the natural light.

Dimmers can also control the light intensity. A LED light has a broad dimming range and can regulate to offer full light output whenever there is traffic. Intelligent light controls can do so much more. They can track lighting usage as well as lights that need maintenance.

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