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LED Lighting for Manufacturing Plants

Need a Free LED for Manufacturing Plants Lighting Plan?
Need a Free LED for Manufacturing Plants Lighting Plan?

Manufacturing Facilities need bright, reliable, powerful lights to ensure the manufacturing process is done correctly in a bright, safe environment. Our LED Lighting for Manufacturing Plants can easily accommodate the needs of a facility providing reliable and powerful bright and balanced lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked new and existing customers to find out their biggest questions when it comes to buying LED lighting for manufacturing plants. If you cannot find the answer below, please call (888) 423-3191 and one of our lighting experts will assist you

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What Type of LED Lights Should You Use in a Manufacturing Plant?

There are many types of lights that can be used in a manufacturing plant, depending on the environment and type of work being done. Powerful UFO high bays and linear fixtures ensure that plants can be bright and well lit, even from tall ceiling heights.

High temperature LED fixtures allow for great lighting options in high ambient temperature environments. And, explosion proof lights are the perfect choice for hazardous locations, like paint and spray booths.

LED UFO High Bay

LED UFO High Bay

Led Linear High Bay Ip66 4

Led Linear High Bay

High Temperature 176F

High Temperature 176F


How Do I Know If I Need High-Temperature Lights in Our Manufacturing Plant?

Determine the ambient temperature at the mounting height of the lights. If it exceeds 130F, then you might need high-temperature lighting

What Are the Ideal Lighting Levels for a Manufacturing Plant?

Depending on the tasks being performed, we have created lighting plans for warehouse spaces at 30 foot candles and lighting plans for manufacturing plants that exceed 100 foot candles.

 Every space and requirement is different, but our lights can accommodate your needs, and our free lighting plan services will help you find the right lighting fixtures to meet your needs.

When Do You Need Explosion Proof Lighting in a Manufacturing Plant?

If you have an explosive vapor, gas or dust environment, then you will probably need explosion proof lighting. Your local government has guidelines outlining whether your facility requires explosion proof lighting.

300 Watt High Bay Steel Factory


At What Operating Temperature Do We Need High Temperature Lighting?

Typically, anything above 130 F at the mounting height of the fixture will require a high temperature lighting solution.

Under What Conditions Do We Need Explosion Proof Lighting?

You’d need explosion proof lighting if you have explosive gases, vapors or dust in the area in quantities large enough that if ignited by a spark, an explosion would occur.

Can Light Fixtures Run 24/7 or Do They Need to Be Given a Rest?

You can operate them 24/7 if that’s what you need. Let us know if that’s a requirement and we can find the best fixture for your application.


How Do I Make Sure That the Lights Do Not Create a Spotlight Underneath the Light Fixture?

A lighting plan will solve this issue before you spend any money. Our lighting plans not only show you light levels but also calculate light balance and how even the light is. The more balanced the lighting is, the less shadows there will be.

We Offer Free Manufacturing Plant Lighting Plans

A Manufacturing Plant lighting plan creates a report that shows how bright and balanced the lighting will be across the floor space.

It identifies the locations of lights, and select the best OPTIC to use. We have done 100's of FREE factory and warehouse lighting plans for both UFO and Linear fixtures.

Factory Lighting Plan
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