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Explosion Proof Lowbay Lighting

Explosion Proof Lowbay lighting is available in both Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2, all under UL844 certification. These lights are also high temperature rated, up to 149F and high impact rated at IK10. IP66 rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they had buying explosion proof low bay lighting. If it’s your first time purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191. You can speak direct with one of our lighting experts.

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What Is Explosion Proof Low Bay Lighting?

Explosion proof low bay lighting is low bay style light fixtures that are rated as explosion proof lighting. These lights are a good option to install in low ceiling height areas that have ceiling heights of 20 feet or less.

What Type of Areas Need Explosion Proof Low Bay Lights?

Low Bay lighting is almost always installed indoors. These lights are designed for indoor areas with “lower” ceiling heights. The fixture is usually mounted to the ceiling to provide the most spread on the floor or equipment below.

Low Bay Install


What Color Temperature Is Best to Use for Explosion Proof Low Bay Lighting?

We would recommend 5000K as the best color temperature for explosion proof low bay lighting.


Can Explosion Proof Low Bay Light Fixtures Withstand High Temperatures?

Our low bay explosion proof fixtures are rated for areas up to 60C or 140F.


Are There Any Special Installation Instructions for Explosion Proof Low Bay Lighting?

We always recommend working with a certified electrician. They understand the requirements of installing explosion proof lighting. Our lights are easy to install following the provided instructions.