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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing High-Temperature LED Lights is specific and unique to each customer. To help you with your decision, we spoke to our customers. We created a list (below) of their most asked questions. For more information, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191.  A dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best heat resistant led lights for your needs.


What Are High-Temperature LED Lights?

Most LED products fail in temperatures that are higher than what they’re designed for. This means that the lumen output of LED lights in a hot environment will decrease at a much faster rate than it would at cooler temperatures. There is a simple explanation for why. Most LED products work at the upper end of what the LED chips and drivers are capable of performing. These components have an upper range of what is a safe operating temperature they need to be below.

Take the sum of the heat the lights produce and the ambient heat of the surrounding environment. This must be below the stated upper operating temperature of the fixture. When it is not, it reduces the expected life of the fixture and voids the warranty.

LED lights in high-heat areas such as steel mills or foundries with operating temperatures of up to 205° F are tested. The main advantage is their ability to maintain optimal lumen output as temperatures climb. The light is also designed to provide long operating life with minimal fixture maintenance.

What Does LED High Temperature Lighting Mean?

LED Lights for High Temperature Areas refer to lights capable of operating in hot environments. Our high heat-resistant LED lights can operate in temperatures up to 212F.

Above these temperatures, these high heat led lights would experience a shortened lifespan. High-Temperature LEDs can operate in temperatures well above 150F. We also have fixtures that operate up to 212F.

Do You Have Proof These High-Temperature LED Lights Work in Hot Environments?

We have scientific lab data tested by engineers. We also have our High Temp Industrial Lighting installed in nuclear power plants on top of the reactors on the refueling floors. In the months of summer, ambient temperatures are very high in these areas.

We have many installations with high temperature led fixtures mounted near induction and natural gas furnaces. These lights have operated in these environments for years without issue.

What’s the difference between High-Temperature LED Lights and LED Heat Resistant Lighting?

They are two ways of saying the same thing. Our high-temperature LED fixtures are also heat-resistant lighting.

Do You Offer High Temperature High Bay LED Lighting?

All the fixtures on this page can perform the function of a ceiling-mounted high bay. In fact, the majority of high temperature high bay lights we sell is utilized as a ceiling mounted interior fixture.

Do these High-Temperature LED Fixtures operate in Extreme Cold Temperatures?

While most of what we talk about are hot environments, the reverse is also true. These lights can handle the extreme cold as well, whereas normal LED lights would fail. The same lights that handle 194F and 212F can also operate at -85F. So in many respects, these are also Cold Temperature LED Lights.

LED Lights in a Hot Environment

Do You Have a High-Temperature LED Lights That Can Work Up to 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit)?

We do, our high heat-resistant LED lights are capable of temperatures of 212F, or 100C. We also offer lights that can handle upper temperatures of 60C, 70C, 80C, and 90C (140F – 212F).

What’s the Best Application for High Temperature LED Lights?

We have sold LED lights for hot, demanding environments to many industrial facilities and warm regions around the world. These include the deserts of California, Arizona, Las Vegas, and the Middle East. We have many nuclear and fossil fuel power generation facilities that use our lights. also, our lights are installed in facilities that use blast and induction furnaces in their manufacturing use our lights. Here are some great applications for LED lights for hot environments:

electricity generation (steam turbines)
nuclear power plants
aluminum manufacturing
paper mills
steel mills
gas plants
glass factories
metal foundries
arc furnaces


How Will the Light Perform If the Heat Goes Over the Rated Temperature?

If the heat goes above the rated temperature, then you can expect the light to have a shortened lifespan. Please note, the warranty is void in this case.

Do You Sell A High Temperature Rated Emergency Exit Sign?

We do sell explosion-proof rated emergency exit signs. They’re rated to withstand temperatures of up to 185F.

What Is the Life Expectancy of High-Temperature LED Lights and Fixtures?

We warranty these heat-resistant led lights for 5 years. In normal operating conditions, you can expect that lifespan. The range really depends on

how high the temperature is
how many days a year that temperature exists
how many hours a day the lights are on

All are factors in determining the actual lifespan of these fixtures. In most cases, you can expect 10+ years out of a fixture.

What is the warranty period on these fixtures?

The warranty under “normal” operating conditions (not exceeding max temperature) is 5 years. They are all UL/ETL Listed and many are rebate eligible.

What is the optimal operating temperature of LED lights?

The optimal operating temperature is one that’s below the rated temperature of the lights. If a light’s rated at 140F, and you place it in a room that’s always 140F, you’re probably better with a light that’s rated at 150F or above.

Can I Get a Lighting Plan Layout using High-Temperature LED Fixtures?

The short answer is yes. We offer free lighting plans for our commercial and industrial customers.

We can do a high-temperature lighting plan for you. We can model your indoor space with lighting software. We can add in different models until we meet your requirements. That way, when we ship you those lights, there are no surprises.

Do You Have High-Temperature Fixtures for Industrial Applications?

Yes. Most, if not all, of these industrial LED lighting fixtures, are designed for high-temperature industrial applications.

Can Your High-Temperature LED Lights Operate at the High Temperatures – 24 / 7?

They can. We would want to know about the environment in which they will operate. If the max temperature is constant, then we need to supply a light capable of working in that environment.

Do You Have A Light That Can Withstand High Heat And Wash Down?

Yes, we have many high-temperature lights that have an IP Rating of IP66. You can wash these fixtures or install them in a wet environment.

Are High-Temperature Fixtures Dimmable?

Some of the fixtures can be, this is a special order. There is a problem with trying to dim a high-temperature fixture. The switch or motion sensor used for the dimming also needs to high temp rated. We are not aware of any commercial lighting options available that support this.

High Temperature Lighting

How Were High-Temperature Fixtures Tested to Confirm They Work at High Temperatures?

They place the lights in a very hot oven at the highest temperature ratings for long periods of time. The engineers calculate LED and driver decay based on the test. It’s the same way they determine the lifespan of LED lights. The only difference is the testing temperatures for these lights are much higher.

Is the Wire Attached Rated for High Temperature?

Everything we supply will meet the temperature rating is designed to operate in. This includes the wire whip.

Do Class 1 Div 1 / Class 1 Div 2 LED lights work in a hot environment?

They do, as long as the upper range of the temperature does not exceed 140F. The temperatures could rise above that, for short periods of time, and the lights will still be fine.

How Many High-Temperature Lights Do I Need?

That depends on your building size and your lighting requirements. Are you adding new lights or replacing existing lights, 1 for 1?

What Voltages Can Be Supported with a High-Temperature Fixture?

We offer both 100-277V and 277-480V driver options on most high-temperature fixtures.


How Do I Install High-Temperature LED Lights?

There is nothing special about the mounting. They are in many ways the same as a normal high bay light. For nuclear power customers, we offer safety cables to meet their standards.


How Do High-Temperature Fixtures Mount?

The same as a typical high bay or flood fixture. We offer

eye hooks
pendant and wire mounting
trunnion/yoke mount for ceiling/wall mount applications