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Machine Shop Lighting Plan

By having us complete a lighting plan for your machine shop, you can best sure to get the best lighting for machine shops based around your specific requirement.

A machine shop lighting plan will show you fixture location, foot candle measurements and how well and evenly distributed the light is. We can adjust the plant to give you more or less light, move fixtures around, so in the end, the lighting is exactly how you want it.

And best off all, we offer it as a Free Service to our Commercial Customers and site visitors.

Machine Shop Lighting Plan


Machine Shop General Lighting

Step 1 is to evaluate the lighting of the machine shop. General lighting is the common space lighting, and not necessarily including the light in the task based areas near word desks or working machines. Providing good overall lighting is paramount to a safe and productive work environment. Taking into account natural light sources, if available, are part of the overall lighting plan.

One of the most common older types of lighting for a machine shop is fluorescent fixtures and metal halide high bays. Both provided good if not costly light until the introduction of led. Today, LED High Bays and Low Bays provide an excellent upgrade, both in terms of light quantity, light quality, reduced lighting costs and maintenance costs. Being able to rely on your lighting to perform for years is part of the advantage of converting over to LED.

How do you know if the conversion will work? The simple answer is to perform a lighting plan. A lighting plan provides you with a report, specifically designed with your buildings dimensions, showing you light placement as well as foot candle readings on the floor or at the task area. It will also show you how well distributed the light is, ensuring that the light is even across the entire area. And the best news, we provide these for free. It is in our best interest to make sure your lighting conversion to LED is successful. That's why we do this for you.


Machine Shop Task Lighting

Task lighting is something completely different. Where work is done, it is extremely important to make sure you have adequate lighting to ensure the end result of the machining is done and inspected properly. What you need is high power lighting, and we can provide that. If you have high voltage powering your lights, we have you covered there are well or perhaps high temperature options are needed. Regardless of the specific need, machine shop work lights can help you get the job done.

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