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Rail Yard Lights

Need a Free Rail Yard Lighting Plan?

Rail Yard Lights

Need a Free Rail Yard Lighting Plan?

Our high mast and high power flood options are excellent choices for rail yards lights. Our products can easily replace metal halide and high pressure sodium - 1 for 1. We offer free rail yard lighting plans so you can see how well the area will look if you converted over to LED

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they had when buying rail yard lights. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us on (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.


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What Is Rail Yard Lighting?

Rail yard lighting is typically high pole or high mast lighting, where one pole supports many lights in a 360 degree radial pattern, supplying good lighting over a large area.

What Are the Typical Rail Yard Lighting Requirements?

That really depends on the region and space of the yard itself, as local governments may have different requirements. The goal is to have a uniform light level across the area. We would be happy to create a lighting plan based on your requirements to determine the ideal option for your space.

Csx Railroad Intermodal Container Freight Train


What Is the Best Lighting to Use in a Railway Tunnel?

We would recommend a vapor tight or a canopy style fixture.

What Is the Best Lighting to Use in a Rail Yard?

For rail yards, we would suggest either high mast lighting or powerful pole mounted flood lights.

We Work All Night in the Yard and Need Good Light Levels. How Much Light Do You Recommend for the Safety of the Workers?

First, let’s determine what light levels will make the area safe. Then, we can create a lighting plan to ensure those levels are met in that specific area. You will probably need 3 to 10 foot candles on average, depending on the work being performed.

We Have a Large Area to Cover Mounting Fixtures on the Top of the Building. What Are the Highest Wattage Fixtures That You Have to Light Up a Wide Space?

We have very powerful lighting options. For example, we offer 600 Watt UFO high bays producing 96000 lumens each, and 500 Watt linear high bays producing 71000 lumens each.
Your best bet is to start with a lighting plan, to make sure the area will be bright enough and the lighting is balanced and even across the space.

What Is the Best Lighting to Use in a Rail Station?

Canopy lights work well for covered platforms. Pole mounted top lights or lower power shoebox lights are good for outdoor lighting. Indoors, panel lights, low bay or high bays are great options.

Can You Supply Lighting to Upgrade Our Building and Warehouses on Site?

Warehouse lighting is something we excel at. We can create a lighting plan featuring our lights to show you how well the space will be lit.


Can Your Fixtures Withstand the Dampness of a Rail Tunnel?

Yes, they can. We have many wet location fixtures that work perfectly well inside a tunnel.

How Does Your Light Compare to a Holophane Rail Yard Fixture?

They compare well, and we feel confident that you will like the performance, pricing, warranty, and features of our products. 

750W DOT LED High Mast


Should You Use an Intelligent Lighting Control System in a Railway Station?

You can, but it's not required. We find that most customers use timers or switches to control their fixtures.

Why is it important to get a Rail Yard Lighting Plan?A lighting plan is a software representation of your rail yard outdoor area with lights plotted to show you how well lit the area can be using our LED Outdoor Lights.

We can model different lighting options, optics and lumen packages to provide you with all the information you need to determine what's best for you.


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