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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers what questions they wished they had answered before they purchased a metal halide retrofit kit. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert.



What Is a Metal Halide Retrofit Kit?

A metal halide retrofit kit contains an LED head, driver and mounting hardware designed to replace a metal halide bulb and ballast inside an existing fixture. It can also replace high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs and other HID bulbs.

How Do You Retrofit Metal Halide to LED?

The process is quite simple. It is essentially the same process of replacing bulbs and ballasts inside an existing fixture. The major difference is that the new bulb is LED, and the ballast is replaced with an LED driver.

Led Shoebox Retrofit 150 Watt 1

LED Retrofit Kit

Do I Need to Move the Fixtures Reflector?

The reflector is not needed, as all the LED light is directional. In fact, removing the reflector is required to increase the interior cavity space of the fixture and create more available cooling.

Do Your Kits Screw into the Mogul Base?

We do have screw in kits, but we recommend using our LED retrofit kits. They are more powerful, provide more light, produce more savings and last longer. It's far safer and more reliable to remove the base and use the mounting hardware we include.

Why Would I Retrofit and Not Replace?

There are two main reasons why you would retrofit as opposed to replace. The first is you have a very expensive fixture, but want to convert to LED. The second is the city or town requires you to get approval to replace, but retrofitting may not require permitting. Retrofitting an existing fixture may be a grandfather clause in many municipalities, saving you time and money.

How Reliable Are Retrofit Kits Versus New Fixtures?

The retrofit kits we sell are all UL/ETL listed, DLC listed and carry a 5 or 10 year warranty. The only things our warranty does not cover are Acts of God, improper installation (not removing the reflector, for example) and having an outdoor fixture that is not weatherproof.

Can Your Retrofits Operate 24/7?

Yes, we have retrofit kits installed in 24/7 major airports across the nation. We engineered a special solution for our customers to ensure reliability and longevity. Contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through this process.

high power led recessed lights installed at airport

high power led recessed lights installed at airport

Before You Buy

What Is the Best LED Option to Replace 175 Watt Metal Halide Lights?

Our 45 Watt LED Retrofit Kit is a great 175W metal halide replacement.

What Is the Best LED Option to Replace 250 Watt Metal Halide Lights?

We have two great options. 60 Watt Retrofit Kit or 75 Watt Retrofit Kit.

What Is the Best LED Option to Replace 400 Watt Metal Halide Lights?

We have 5 great options. 2 are specific to parking lot fixtures only.

100 Watt Parking Lot 16” ShoeBox Fixture Retrofit Kit
150 Watt Parking Lot 16” Shoebox Fixture Retrofit Kit
100 Watt Generic Fixture Retrofit
120 Watt Generic Fixture Retrofit
150 Watt Generic Fixture Retrofit

What Is the Best LED Option to Replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide Lights?

We have 5 great options. 2 are specific to parking lot fixtures only.

240 Watt Parking Lot 23” ShoeBox Fixture Retrofit Kit
300 Watt Parking Lot 23” SheBox Fixture Retrofit Kit
280 Watt Generic Fixture Retrofit
320 Watt Generic Fixture Retrofit
350 Watt Generic Fixture Retrofit

How Much Does It Cost to Retrofit Metal Halide to LED?

Prices range from $110 to $300+. Bulk discounts are available. Installation costs are extra. Rebates are available for our retrofit kits.

Is It Better to Retrofit Metal Halide Lights or Use New Fixtures?

This is a question of preference. We offer both new fixtures and retrofit kits, and it's obvious when we talk to customers what's the best solution for them. Both are good options.

Will the Retrofit Fit in My Existing Fixture?

Our retrofit kits will fit in most fixtures, but there are times when they won’t. We do not recommend them for fixtures with low pressure sodium bulbs (SOX), as those fixtures typically will not accommodate a retrofit kit.

I Have a Shoebox Fixture. What Is the Best Retrofit Option to Use?

We have 4 specially designed retrofit kits designed for shoebox lights. Two are designed for 16” fixtures, and replace 400 Watt metal halide or HPS. Two are designed for 23” fixtures and replace 1000 Watts metal halide or HPS.

LED Retrofit Kit

 Fixtures and Fittings

Are Metal Halide Retrofit Kits Available in High Voltage?

Yes, many of our kits have a high voltage option - 277V-480V.

Are Metal Halide Retrofit Kits Dimmable?

Yes, many of the retrofit kits we sell have dimmable drivers, which means they will work with motion sensors that dim the fixtures.

Will Retrofit Kits Work If My Fixture Has a Photocell?


Are Your Retrofit Kits Waterproof?

No, they are intended to be installed inside a waterproof fixture.

Can We Add a Surge Protector to a Retrofit Kit?

Yes, we can provide a surge protector if the existing fixture does not include one.

What Comes with the Retrofit Kit for Mounting?

The LED “head” or “bulb”, an LED driver, and all the mounting hardware to attach the head and driver to the existing fixture.

What Are the Sizes of Each Retrofit Kit?

The shoebox retrofit kits are designed to fit inside a 16” and 23” fixture. Our generic retrofit kits vary in sizes from 4.75 in L X 4.75 in to 10.6 in L X 10.0 in.

LED Retrofit Kit

280W | 320W | 350W LED Retrofit - Replace 1000W-1500W Metal Halide and HID

Can I Get Rebates for Retrofit Kits?

Yes, our kits are DLC Approved. Check with your local utilities for applicable rebates.

What Are the Best Applications for Metal Halide Retrofit Kits?

Specifically, when you have an expensive fixture that's in good condition or you can bypass permitting by not having to replace the existing fixture.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Metal Halide Retrofit Kits?

As long as a new fixture. You can easily expect 10+ years of life from our retrofit kits.



How Do You Install a Metal Halide Retrofit Kit?

Any qualified electrician can easily install a kit. Any electrician familiar with metal halide fixtures can replace the internal HID components with the LED kit. There are only two extra steps required.

Remove the reflector
Remove the mogul base
Install the head mounting hardware

How Long Does It Take to Install the Kits?

Electricians who are familiar with the kits can do 2 to 3 per hour. If you have never used our kits, expect the first one to take 30 minutes to 1 hour until you figure out the correct mounting configuration. Once you have that figured out, it's just a matter of repeating it from fixture to fixture. Many of our electricians with a 2-man crew will have the electrician on the ground setting up the next kit while the electrician in the boom-lift is installing it.

Is a Metal Halide Retrofit Kit Difficult to Install?

Not at all. It's only slightly more difficult than a bulb and ballast replacement.

How to Retrofit Metal Halide to LED with Mogul Base?

You don’t. Always remove the base, it's not needed.

Get a Free Metal Halide to LED Retrofit Kit Lighting Plan

If you are looking to replace Metal Halide bulbs with LED, a lighting plan will help you select the LED Retrofit Kit. The lighting plan will show you how well the retrofit kits will perform in your existing fixtures, at your location, before you purchase. This reduces a lot of risk and guess work out of doing this type of lighting conversion.

Retrofit Kit Replacement

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