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LED Lighting Supply / Indoor Shooting Range Lighting Design

Indoor Shooting Range Lighting Design

Looking to create an indoor shooting range lighting plan? We’re here for you.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses with their indoor shooting range lighting designs. Based on our experience, here’s what you need to know and how we can help you.

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What Goes Into Successful Indoor Shooting Range Lighting Design for Indoor and Outdoor Facilities?

It all starts with creating a lighting plan. By using specialized lighting plan software, a lighting designer creates a model of the indoor or outdoor shooting range, and then adds lights so that the light levels and light balance can be calculated. The plan is adjusted inside the software so that the customers’ lighting requirements are met – all before any purchase is made.

What Are the Recommended Shooting Range Lighting Standards?

The most important criteria in a shooting range is lighting up the target. Lighting anything else could distract the shooter from accurately hitting the target. Lighting up the area where the participants stand is also important as long as the lighting is not distracting. All glare issues should be reduced, if not eliminated.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Shooting Range?

There is no mandatory amount of lumens required in a driving range, but we suggest a minimum of 20 foot candles, or 20 lumens per square foot, to light up the driving range targets.

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