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Horse Arena Lighting Design

A Horse Arena Lighting Plan is report that models a horse arena showing light locations and light levels across the indoor or outdoor horse arena.  The plan starts by entering the dimensions of the arena, or importing the area using google maps.

We add lights and poles at locations around the arena, or overhead for an indoor horse arena. Inside the plan, multiple lighting options can be tested. Lights can be re-aimed to find the best balance of light and brightness across the arena floor. The lighting plan calculates light levels (foot candles) across the arena, and shows how balanced the lighting is.

Covered Horse Arena

What will a Horse Arena Lighting Plan show?

Below is an outdoor horse arena that was completed after first doing a lighting plan for the customer. We were given arena dimensions, pole locations and pole heights. From there, we created their arena lighting plan using outdoor flood lights. We tweaked beam angles, flood light power and orientations until we achieved the requested light levels.

Horse Arena Lighting Plan

Want a Free Horse Arena Lighting Plan?

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