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What Is Horse Arena Lighting Design?

Horse Arena Lighting Design is a process we offer to model lighting in an indoor or outdoor horse arena. Using our lights, we create a visual plan across the entire arena. We can see the expected light levels, light locations and light balancing.

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Are There Any Special Considerations for Indoor Horse Arena Lighting Design? What About Outdoor Arenas?

It’s particularly important to make sure the light is balanced across the arena space, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor arena. It is easier to achieve balance in indoor arenas since lights can be mounted from above. So, it’s not just about brightness, it’s more about balance.

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How Many Lumens Do You Need to Light a Riding Arena?

Lumens is not necessarily the best approach here. We would recommend that you start with the foot candles needed. Then let us create a lighting plan that will specify the proper light fixture to meet your needs. For those who need lumens per sq ft, the formula is 1 lumen/sq ft = 1 foot candle. We can provide a foot candle recommendation for your specific space if needed.

What’s the Difference Between an Arena Design Calculator and an Arena Lighting Plan?

Use a calculator if:

You are looking for a free, online tool to calculate the number of fixtures you need;
You want quick, simple and immediate results;
You are looking for a count of fixtures based on a specific budget;
You need a rough estimate on quantity and layout / configuration does not matter;
There is no need to include specific light balance and shadows in your documentation.

Use a lighting plan if:

You would like a professional lighting engineer to review your requirements;
You need a calculated lighting plan that shows foot candle readings;
You need to see how balanced the light levels are, and you care about reducing shadows;
You want to show aiming angles, and light positions in scale with your indoor or outdoor area;
You’re looking for professional assurance that the lights you buy are the right choice.

What Are the Recommended Horse Arena Lighting Levels?

For a small horse arena for recreational use, we would recommend between 5 and 15 foot Horse arena lighting standards depend on the size of the arena. Generally, the illuminance of a training outdoor arena can be put between 150-250 lux. For hunter/jumper training the recommended illuminance is higher and goes up to 400 lux and for dressage minimum is 500 lux.

What Is An Arena Lighting Design Calculator?

A calculator is a simple tool that will give you an estimate on the number of lights you might need to meet the requirements. But it’s only a starting point. More importantly, where the lights should be installed, and whether the lights need a specific optic or beam angle can only be discovered with a lighting plan.

We’ve heard a few horror stories where customers only use calculators and then find out the lighting is horrible. The type of light you choose is even more important than the number of fixtures you use.

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