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What’s a Horse Arena Lighting Plan?

A Horse Arena Lighting Plan is a printable report that simulates lighting an indoor or outdoor horse arena.  The plan starts by entering the dimensions of the arena, or importing the area using google maps.

The lighting plan creator can add lights and poles at locations around the arena, or overhead for an indoor horse arena. Lights can be swapped out, re-aimed and re-oriented. The lighting plan will then calculate light levels across the arena, and calculate how even the light is distributed across the entire arena space.

To the right is an outdoor horse arena that started off as a lighting plan. The customer gave us arena dimensions, pole locations and pole heights. From there, we created their arena lighting plan using outdoor flood lights. We tweaked beam angles, flood powers and orientations until the lighting plan showed the requested light levels.

Horse Arena with LED Lights

What will a Horse Arena Lighting Plan show?

To the right, we have displayed a sample visual lighting plan.  It shows light locations, light aiming, and foot candle readings across the arena space.

The customer can view the results, ask for alterations, and then ultimately decide to move forward with the project. 

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Horse Arena Lighting Plan