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High Mast Lighting Design Calculator

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How bright will your outdoor area be after you convert your Metal Halide or HPS lights over to LED? How far will the light spread out? If you are a port, airport, prison or DOT intersection, how can you ensure you have both the proper amount of foot candles with optimal distribution between poles?

So, how can you make sure the light you choose will be the right choice? How many watts? How many lumens? What optics should you use? It’s hard to look at a cut sheet and determine that this is the perfect light for the outdoor space. A High Mast Lighting Design Plan will assist you in choosing the right fixture before you buy. Remove the risk of buying LED High Mast Lights!

What is a High Mast Lighting Design Plan?

High Mast Lighting Design Plans gives you a virtual representation of what the lighting could be. Using lighting software, it models the dimension of your room including:

height of poles
number of lights per pole
arm length
perception of the current light (too bright, too dark, just right)
the existing fixtures

Using this information, we model the outdoor area, either by overlaying our lighting plan over a google maps representation of the area, or model one light so you can see light levels and distributions. We utilize different light fixtures, configurations and optics. When we perform the modeling, we observe the light levels on the ground and how well the light is distributed. We run several models with different fixtures, calculating what the best option and results will be for you.

Want a Free High Mast Lighting Design Plan?

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60 ft high pole, 4 fixtures per pole, 320 Watt High Mast Fixture replacing 1000W Metal Halide


Highmast 325 T3  

Fixture Used

320W LED DOT Style High Mast Type III Optic (4 fixtures)

60 ft high pole, 4 fixtures per pole, 450 Watt low profile high mast replacing 1000W Metal Halide


Highmast 450 150 Degree Optics  

Fixture Used

450W LED Low Profile High Mast 150 deg Optic (4 fixtures)

So by doing a simple lighting calculation, you can see what your outdoor area can look like before you even spend 1 dollar. We can assist you in determining the option with the best light distribution for your need.

We strongly believe that performing an interior lighting calculation before you purchase greatly reduces the risk of buying the wrong fixture.

Last Updated: 08/31/2020
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