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What Goes Into Successful High Mast Lighting Design?

A high mast lighting design or calculation takes many things into consideration. Two include the height of existing poles (if any), or if you want pole location recommendations.

How many lights per pole?
What type of lighting are you replacing?
What are the expected light levels?

Are there any requirements, specifications or guidelines that need to be met?

Using a CAD drawing or a Google Maps screenshot, a high mast lighting design can incorporate all the considerations. It gives a visual report of the light levels within the area, and how balanced the light across the space will be.

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What Are The Recommended High Mast Light Levels?

High mast lighting is not looking to achieve exceptional bright light levels. Best is a well-balanced lighting over a very broad area. It is not uncommon for light levels to be above 1 footcandle in a very large area.

How Do You Do a High Mast Lighting Design Calculation?

We use a special lighting design software called AGI32. It allows us to model any outdoor (or indoor) space, add poles, lights, and do foot candle or lux calculations.