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High Mast Lighting Design Calculator

So you want to convert your High Mast Poles over to LED but are unsure if LED can perform as well as Metal Halide. Will LED light up the area well enough after you’re done? How well will the light be distributed? What will be the foot candle measurement under the pole? 100 feet away? 300 feet away?

There is no reason to believe that LED can’t do the same job Metal Halide or HPS does. But picking the right light is paramount to your projects success. Putting any high power LED on the top of your high mast pole isn’t going to work – unless – you understand how that light performs and distributes light.

Thankfully, there is a way to figure this out before you buy. Create a High Mast Lighting Design Plan. Not only will you see how our High Mast Lights perform (on paper), it literally takes the risk out of your LED High Mast Conversion Project.


How do you calculate a High Mast Lighting Design Plan?

A High Mast Lighting Design Plan is a software report that models your outdoor area. It allows us to place your high mast poles into the model, add our High Mast lights, and then calculate foot candle measurements under the pole and across your area. When we create your plan, we add in all the details, such as:

the height of poles
then number of lights per pole
arm length from center of pole

tilt of lights, if any

We can import your space, if available, by importing a CAD file or finding you on Google Maps and locating your poles. We then add your poles, lights and defined the area we want to see lit up. We can switch out lights to see how each one performs. We can run several iterations with different fixtures – calculating what the best option and results will be for you.


750W DOT LED High Mast

What does a High Mast calculation look like?

A High Mast Lighting Plan can model an outdoor area with our lights mounted in your existing (or new) Pole locations with our lights installed. The plan details light levels and light balance, showing you how well lit the area can be and how balanced the lighting is between poles.

We offer this service for Free for our Industrial and Commercial lighting customers.

Would you like a Free High Mast Lighting Plan?

High Mast Lighting Plan
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