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How Do I Plan the Lighting Layout for a Hazardous Area?

You don’t have to do it yourself, or even know how to do it. Our lighting plan service does that for you.

We first need some information from you – like – the building dimensions, light levels you need, quantity and wattage of current fixtures, and input voltage. We will do the rest.

Our lighting plans will calculate the total number of fixtures needed, where they should be placed, the average foot candles in the area and how balanced the light is within the space.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Hazardous Area Lighting Plan?

It mostly removes many of the risks of blind light purchases. Buying lights and then hoping for good results has a low probability of success.

Two things you need to know – how many lumens the light fixtures produce and the beam angles / optics the lights have. Without knowing these, and understanding what you really need, can result in light levels that aren’t what you want or need. Too bright or too dim, lighting that is not balanced and full of shadows (spotty lighting) are all bad outcomes that can occur by not doing a lighting plan

Creating a lighting plan will resolve these issues in the software before any money is spent. And we do these lighting plans for Free for our commercial and industrial customers

What Is the Best Way to Start Designing a Hazardous Area Lighting Plan?

The best way is to start out with either a scaled floor plan or, if it’s a large open space, letting us know the dimensions of the area. It is also important to know the mounting height of the fixtures, and the desired light levels you will need. 

Light levels are measured in foot candles. If you do not know the amount of light you need, tell us the use of the space and we can recommend the proper light level. With this information, we will have the basis for creating a lighting plan for you. Once we present the plan, we can alter it and tweak it until we get to where you need the light levels to be.

What Software Do You Use to Create a Hazardous Area Lighting Plan?

We use industrial leading lighting software, AGI32.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Hazardous Area Lighting Plan?

Our typical turnaround time is 2 business days. Sometimes that gets pushed out a bit, depending on the number of plans in the queue.

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